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Weight loss and PCOS


Hi All. I'm new here. I have PCOS therefore put weight on very easily and find it very hard to lose :(

does anyone have any tips for beating the PCOS weight issue?

Thanks in advance

C x

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I should probably mention that as a receptionist i spend a lot of time sitting :(

I have just started to walk to work (3.4 miles) so hopefully that helps

Hi, I'm no expert, but I also struggle with weightloss/ management and similarly, have PCOS.

I found swapping my eating habits rather helpful - eating more in the morning and less in the evening instead of my biggest meal in the evening. I found it helps with digestion and bloating (something I struggle with).

I am walking roughly 2-5k every day or two, so I think walking to work is a great way of getting more exercise into your life.

Reducing your carb intake is always a good thing, but I found by swapping from heavy meals in the evening to heavy meals in the morning, the carbs I would have... would burn off better and feel cleaner.

I made sure every day was planned for, breakfast lunch and tea - if it deviated slightly I wasn't too bothered, I just ensured I ate the protein and veg specified (even if the carb/flavour changed).

Beginning with these, I lost roughly 4 pounds a week.

(This may be me specific) but I also noticed by increasing my protein, cramps and belly aches lessened. Maybe that might help?

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Eat foods that you enjoy eating and making. Try new things. Make your food plan as varied as you can - but don't overwhelm yourself. If you enjoy travelling and eating dishes from around the world, encorporate it into your plan. Week 1 could be making Austrian Shnitzel with Week 2 being French onion soup. It could be a mediterranean pasta bake or home made mexican chilli. (These may be things you typically include but I found specifying "this is my around the world dish" it gave me something to look forward to.

Diets can be exciting and fun. It doesn't always have to be restrictive or completely removing all foods you enjoy. Its about listening to your body and keeping your mind healthy too.

Hope this helps.

Moorzy in reply to m00nshinex

Thank you so much for all the information! I will definitely try some of your tips ☺️


Hi Cara

If you are thinking about reducing your carb intake, have a look at the Low Carb site on HU. It can be very effective.


My niece has PCOS, so I know how difficult it can be. Good luck.

Moorzy in reply to Penel

Thank you so much 😊


Hi Moorzy

Just wanted to say welcome to the Healthy eating forum. I hope you're enjoying the week so far.

Zest :-)

Moorzy in reply to Zest

Thank you! ☺️


Hi and welcome to the Healthy Eating group.

Did you check out the PCOS group also on HU? healthunlocked.com/verity-pcos

Moorzy in reply to Activity2004

Hi, no, thank you I’ll go and check it out ☺️

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Moorzy

You’re welcome!😀👍

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.😀👍🌈

The major thing you can change is the amount of insulin phcuk.org/healthy-eating-gu... what you eat stimulates.

Things that we've all been told to do for decades like eating little and often, cutting the fat from meat/protein, or choosing reduced-fat versions of dairy are all detrimental in that they increase the amount of insulin produced, and hyperinsulinaemia leads to insulin-resistance that underpins PCOS.

God be with you.

Thank you so much 😊

Hi Cara,

I can completely empathise as I also struggle with weight loss due to PCOS. Since lockdown started I have been really trying and so far managed to lose about 7kg just by calorie counting and trying to remain in a caloric deficit. Have a look online for a TDEE calculator and download my fitness pal or nutracheck to log your meals. I find reducing my carb intake helps aswell. I’ve switched to sweet potato and have started weighing out my rice/pasta to recommended portions. Portion control and calorie counting has really helped me so far. I’m also a serial snacker so having low cal snacks in the house is a must for me. Even meal planning for the week can be beneficial if you have a busy lifestyle. If you’re on Facebook there are loads of groups available for advice as well as this one 😊 good luck xxx

Moorzy in reply to Hjy_x

Thank you so much for your help and information xxx

Hi, I don't know anything about that, but if you ask this question on the weight loss forum, I know the administrators have a video on it, hope that helps! :-) x


Moorzy in reply to Lytham

Thank you so much! X

Lytham in reply to Moorzy

You're welcome ! If you post now I'll come along and ask Admin for the video for you! :-) x

Moorzy in reply to Lytham

Done ☺️ x

Lytham in reply to Moorzy

Oh I'll go have a look ! :-) x

JerryAdministrator in reply to Moorzy

Hey if you want to lose weight fasting is really good and much better than yo yo dieting please see:


Jerry 🌈🌞

Moorzy in reply to Jerry

I’ve heard about intermittent fasting, but I was told by the hospital that If you go periods of time without food, your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat, so I never know which is best 🙈

JerryAdministrator in reply to Moorzy

Hi Moorzy IF puts our bodies into fat burning mode and can also help us to reset our eating habits which's most dieters problem.

If you join F&F you will see lots of articles and post on the merits of fasting, obviously its not suitable for everyone.

Please see:


If you join us you can ask anything you like about fasting as we have some very experienced fasters.

Thank you for your interest and maybe we'll see you on F&F. 🌈😊

Moorzy in reply to Jerry

Thank you so much! ☺️

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