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2nd week of Slimming World

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I'm less confident this week about losing weight. I'm bored of salad already but its good speed food. I need to look into vegetable side dishes or I'll go mad lol.

I don't feel as though I've been prepared enough since my weigh in, something to change from tomorrow, or rather Saturday.

The sw website isn't fantastic when looking for recipes as you have to know what you're looking for.

Chin up Gemma...

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We don't have to fill our stomach; some high calorie foods can be more satisfying in small amounts than eating large amounts of low calorie foods.

The Change 4 Life website will give you lots of vegetable recipes if that is your preference.


Hi. I put half a pound on in the second week! I've tried to be better this week but still don't think I'll do a lot. I need to exercise more but just as I started SW I hurt my foot so pretty fed up. Hope you do well

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they have some good recipe books at meetings. x



I've just joined slimming world classes. .Was doing it online but didn't like it .I find the classes a lot better .

Food wise I think SW is great loads of great food to chose and as Dilly Dally says the cook books are good and full of great new ideas so never get bored .I have best loved extra easy recipes, the extra easy cook ok and a couple of others .The online recipe search is good too .All I do is put in whatever ingredient I have let's say chicken and up pops loads of ideas .

I've managed to lose 3lbs this week .

Good luck πŸ˜ƒπŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸ


Thanks all :-) I plan on getting some of the recipe books. I find salad the easiest way to get speed foods when im working which I have been a lot this week lol.

You're all inspiring :-D

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I find salads less boring if I put lots of different ingredients in them and have them with something hot and tasty. Cook some chicken up in fajita spices or similar, nice fillet of hot salmon etc.

Add pickles to salad, little piquant peppers you get in jars, smoked, shredded beetroot is lovely. Just find things to increase the flavours without resorting to unhealthy dressings. I use total zero fat yoghurt as a dressing on mine.

My favourite meals though are stir fries. Can't get enough and again experiment with sauces. I use a lot of soy based sauces with oyster sauce, black bean etc. Mix them up and see what works for you.

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Try a high fat diet it works based on latest findings.


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