Hello Happy Slimmers!!

I'm 79 on Saturday and read the post first thing in a morning and anytime I'm feeling hungry, I'm disabled and do chair exercises when I remember !! My first week of starting once again to try & lose weight, about 5 st to go WOW!! But with all your help feel I can achieve it this time, I'm due a hernia operation July/Aug time and know that losing weight will help me know end, so any advice and your company along the way would really be appreciated xx


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  • Hi lathe,

    I'd like to wish you a Very Happy Birthday for Saturday. :-) Hope you've got something nice planned to celebrate. :-)

    I know you're hoping to lose some weight before your hernia operation in July/Aug time, and wondered if you've had a look at the NHS Choices 'Healthy eating' pages - the NHS 12 week plan is worth a look, and there is also another forum called 'NHS weight loss' which might be worth joining as well, to give you additional support - they do lots of weekly activities and weigh-ins.

    Here's the NHS Healthy Eating pages:


    Good luck!

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the advice, will give them a try.x

  • I've just had a look at this nhs site and see some great recipes but I would just caution users not to use an of the seed oils in the recipes; that's Rape seed, or Sunflower seed etc as they are not healthy foods. Use olive oil in every case but try to avoid over-heating it.

    Enjoy your food, life is to be enjoyed. Tibbly

  • Happy birthday for Saturday.

  • Thanks so much Caroline x

  • I hope you have a wonderful birthday this weekend and you get all your wishes to come true! Enjoy!😀

  • Thanks so much for my birthday wishes, losing 5 st would be just great but think I am expecting miracles. x

  • You can do anything if you put your mind to it!😀

  • Just love your positivity and just what I am in need of on this new journey of mine x

  • You're welcome! I will be around if you and everyone else has any questions about anything. Feel free to ask!😀

    I will be posting a new posting on Healthy Eating for everyone to know who I am soon.

  • Looking forward to that !!!

  • You will lose most of the weight through a good diet, so don't worry to much about the exercises.

  • Absolutely right!

  • Do hope so Jim, thanks for the encouragement I sure need it!!!!

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