hello all from sole,

hello all from sole,

hi, I'm sole, Spanish lady indulging in cheese cakes an fatty foods trying to be more sensible... I think I will need help as I only enjoy unhealthy foods.

I need some healthy recipes but I take that with your help, It will be a little easier to progress and stick to my guns.

I will try to help as well.

I am supposed to master the mediterranean diet, but, like flamenco music, I have never very keen on it (I don't think I am very Spanish at all).

Thank you all anyway for your time.

I would like to look like the image, but I am brown haired, too old and to roundy, jjjjjj


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  • Well, I too would love to look like Marilyn Monroe, or Kylie Minogue, and I too am brown haired and roundy. Loved your post !!!

  • I also like cheesecake, and I think that's how I got a little too roundy.....mmmmm. However, to get less roundy you do have to eat less cheesecake, less or no biscuits/cakeschocolate and just change these so you eat more healthy foods. It's hard to stop, but it works. I've lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks and feel much better for it. People on this Health Unlocked forum have lost much much more than that and I would advise you to take advice from all who post on here, because they all know what to do and what works.

  • Yes , I think a lot of ladies would like a Marylin figure ! Well , seems to me you have a very sweet tooth . I too am one of those , but I changed my diet , not just to loose weight but knowing the harm that sugar can do to you . I no longer have sugar in any hot drinks . If you take sugar than maybe try sweetness to start . I substitute any sugar craving with fruit , or sugar free dark chocolate only . Are you eating unhealthy main meals ? Or is it the cakes / biscuits . I used to eat fatty foods . But now only allow Myself the weekend treat . I have plenty of vegetables , fish , chicken . Quinoa , salads . Cut out a lot of carbs and drink sugar free water , oh and excersize . Not going to the gym but I walk every day .

  • Hi sole.

  • HI #Windyb.x

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