Hello :)

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to enjoy some good chat about our healthy eating habits, so I thought I'd introduce myself,and tell a bit about my journey so far :)

I've recently turned 50 eek!! Gave up smoking two years ago..and became more lazy as time went on, eating rubbish and no exercise, relying on hubby to drive me to work and back most days..

My back got increasingly painful and got to the stage just getting up off the sofa was agony :(

Enough was enough so Oct last year I decided enough was enough..I have two sons and a step son at home all teens (was hard work) I began dieting..cutting the rubbish and replacing with healthy options.. I got given a wii fit from a friend..So began a daily challenge.. :)

I enjoyed success from day one..the Wii was fun..I only had to do half hour..and walk the 15mins to work.. it was difficult learning about food..changing shopping habits was the biggest obstacle..justifiing the extra cost..hubby and kids didnt eat healthy much either and they didn't want to change.. but as the weeks turned into months my determination grew and grew..the weight was dropping and I was enjoying the feeling of achievement after my wii fit routine:)

I was learning.. finding the food really enjoyable..experimenting with recipes.. found what worked for me.. 6 months on I had lost 2stone was feeling so much better.. I found exersice was helping my back.. don't get me wrong it was tough..keeping it up.. I did treat myself to dinner out now and then..or a nice cake or similar..but only maybe once a fortnight..sometimes it was hard..but I was too competitive with myself..didn't want to undo all my hard work..

I felt ready for a new challenge..and looking online came across c25k a running for beginner app.. sounded doable? Phew that was a day to remember.. I couldn't even run for the 60 seconds of the first run without thinking I was going to have a heart attack!! But of course I didn't..what a program.. toughest most enjoyable rewarding decision I ever took.... it made my food choices easier..I just wanted to be healthier and healthier :)

4 months on ive now just about reached target weight..vegetarian..can run regular three times a week.. 6k is my furthest to date.. I love life so much more..and what's great is hubby has started walking and eating much better..he's lost 2stone and my eldest son is trying to make healthier choices and gets out more with his friends away from his gaming!!

Ide like to be part of this community forum for further motivation..and maybe help anyone just starting out :)

I'm also on the couch to 5k forum.. hope some of you are also ..

Thanks for reading.. and would love for you to stop by and say Hello :)


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13 Replies

  • An inspiring story for us all sparky66 . Very well done and congratulations!

  • Hi sparky66 and welcome... Your story is very inspiring! I have an arthritic knee, and would love to know more about the best kind of exercise to do with that. I'm a bit older than you (59) but nevertheless, you're never too old to start! I've lost 3 1/2 stone and need to lose another stone and a half, which seems like an endless journey but you're right, you so much want not to undo the good you've done, it's very motivating. I wish you all the best, it sounds like you're well on your journey to health!

  • Hiya eatsalotti :) thank you ,

    Well done on your amazing weight loss, yes it is a never ending journey, but by now you will know and feel the huge benifits to your health:) I now look at it as a new lifestyle..

    I don't have atheriitis.. but I have had a knee fracture and got some knee strengthening excercise from physio.. which really helped.. I'm sure if you google you will find some easily enough.. there should be a link here if you type in the search section..

    I started with some easy moves as my back was too painful for the more advanced moves.. just lay flat on my bed..keeping your left leg straight..lift leg up slowly from the hip raise about half a leg length and back down but not touching the bed..repeat this 14 times..then move to other leg repeating this.. you might not make 14 each leg for the first few weeks but if you do it twice a day.. you should feel a difference.. another is to lay on your side.. bring your knees up together like the fetal position.. So if you are on your left side now raise your knee up and down same 14 times.. turn on your right and repeat... swimming is also wonderful as its so relaxed and weight bearing :) please though I'm no expert so read up a little just to be safe..

    Your never to old to make a change for the better :) hope you find something to help :)

    Have a great day.. I'm off to start making a pot of lentle soup :) x

  • Thank you! I will try those exercises, they sound good :)

    You have a great day too! And enjoy the soup!

  • Good morning 😊 What a fantastic post to wake up to this morning 😊 Very well done! You have achieved so much 😊🎉👏🎈😊

  • Thankyou .. :) have a good day x

  • Well done

  • Have just commented well done but as I switched to another comment it struck me how refreshing it was to read about what you have achieved. I must admit I have got fed up recently with people writing how they cannot eat or excersise without falling off the wagon, you have shown what it means to have willpower.

  • Thanks Anne, I think the key is finding excercise that you enjoy to begin with.. even like me when you didn't do any to begin with.. was always amazed how much better I felt after a half hour! Now I fit in a run one day..a swim another..Wii fit most days..few stretches, dumbells 5 mins two or three times a day.. walk to work and back , generally get up and move ..lol.. it gives off so many feel good endorpoins you can't help but want to eat fresh good food.. luv it..

    But hey still look forward to my treat time.. China buffet every 6 weeks and a cake every couple of weeks.. ( whole carrot cake ) lol...

    Will read your posts to get to know your journey..but for now I'm off to work..have a good day x

  • Hi Sparky66,

    I enjoyed reading your very inspiring post, and would like to wish you an excellent weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal.. looking forward to getting to know a few of you on the forum.. So going to spend some time reading posts.. I see I've missed out on the September strength challenge.. your chart is great :) I do love a chart :) mine has smiley face stickers when I deserve them ;)

    Some great workouts on there.. :) maybe there will be something to join in with in October :)

    2nd run on my bridge to 10k planned for the morning.. some stretch and dumbells through the day..then I have my Sunday off.. hubby cooks and kids wash up :) so good weekend ahead.

    Thanks for the welcome x

  • Well done keep up the good work😀😀

  • Am so glad you have done great am just starting out and I have a long way to go I have big problems with my knees so my weight really doesn't help so I need to get it off but am stuck with exercise I have joined to gym to go in the water and exercise I walk up and down and move my legs about and I have a mini bike I use fore my arms and legs so am hoping it all works Kim xx

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