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I really want to lose 33 pounds in 3 months!

Hello everyone! I am new to this site, but have already found so much inspiration in here! and I hope there are someone who can help me a little on my way :-)

First of all, my first language is not english but danish so if something in my post dont make sense - I am sorry!

Well, I am a 20 year old girl with a BMI around 30. So that is a freking lot. I have wanted to lose weight for 5 years, but have been stuck in a circle, where I eat really healthy, exercise and lose a little weight - then I go into binge eating mode and just cant stop eating and get crazy cravings.

Now I have a gapyear and plan on going on a backpacking trip for 3 months in central amarica, starting in Costa Rica. And I am so excited, but I also know that if I dont lose weight before I go I wont be enjoying the trip. I havent been to the beach in five years because I just cant show myself in a bathingsuit, I just cant. And I also havent been wearing shorts around people for years, no matter how hot the weather is.

I also have another problem which is so hard for me to talk about because I hate it sooo much... But I really want a breast reduction. I have for years. On my mothers side of the family big breasts runs in the family and unfortunately the curse has been past on to me. I am in so much pain. My back hurts, my neck, shoulders and my head hurts, I cant wear the clothes I want to wear, i am afraid of being intimate with someone, I hate when people make comments about it, so I just hide away in big baggy clothes. My social life has been ruined because i am so selfconscious about this that I just cant go to parties and stuff, because the whole time all I think about is - Are people looking at my breasts, are they talking about them and so on...

But I have talked to my doctor about the operation and I need a normal BMI before I can get the surgerey, and I am hoping I can lose weight and have the surgery before i go travel. That means I should have a normal BMI in 2-3 months, if the recovery time and such is included (Have talked about this with my doctor). Is that possible? I will have to lose 33 pounds in 3 months... Can anybody give me tips? Push me in the right direction, because I am really sad about my body right now and I really want to change, I just dont think I have the right tools and knowledge to really do it.

Hope to get a respond, thank you! :-)

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Has your doctor suggested that you do carb counting? Carb counting helps with weight loss and blood sugar control for diabetics and non-diabetic patients.

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Hi Anine,

Can I suggest you have a look in the Weight Loss NHS forum on this site and maybe repost there where you should get a lot of useful advice.

My feeling is that 33 pounds in 3 months is a bit too much to do safely, but by restricting your calorie consumption weight loss can be done. The NHS plan targets a healthy loss of around 1-2 pounds a week, which could mean 24 pounds in 3 months so not too far from your target.

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