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Chronic Arthritis

I am conducting this research on behalf of my 69 year old mother who has been diagnosed with chronic arthritis as a result of the Chick-V virus since 4 years now.

I have found out that there are lots home remedies available for the cure of this illness; such as Apple Cider Vinegar with Cinnamon/honey/black molasses. Also garlic with honey/molasses.

What is your advice regarding the above?

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Apple cider vinegar helps alkalize the body which reduces inflammation.

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Have you talked to your Mother's doctor about the issue? You might want to make an appointment before starting a new diet to be on the safe side.


Anti-inflammatories work well for rheumatoid arthritis particularly, though for viral arthritis, the evidence is less clear. It's true that anti-inflammatories like Methotrexate and NSAIDS may help with CHIKV induced arthritis although using just these homemade remedies you stated above are unlikely to be strong enough to make a significant difference depending on how severe the arthritis is.

Ask your doctor about it first, and if you are going to introduce new foods make sure that it's not a drastic change all at once so the body can become accustomed to the new diet.


Has she tried Tumeric tea with ginger and honey.

Boil water add teaspoon or half to start with or even less as per taste or until you build a liking to it.

Add half or quater teaspoon of grounded ginger once boiled strain into teacup add honey.Twice day is recommended.Should help reduce pain.


Interesting since Vitamin C is a natural anti-viral, I've also read it's good for arthritis as well. Have lots of fruits and vegetables high in it. A supplement may be helpful as well. 500 mg at a time, and daily. I'd consider 1000 at least to begin. There are other natural nutrients to look glucosamine.


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