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Trying to shift the poundage

Hi, I'm new here and found Health Unlocked because I was trying to find out how much a portion needs to be for my 5 a Day - or 10 a Day as they announced today.

Now I've found you, I wonder if you might be able to help?

I am really overweight but I have lost nearly two stones recently with Weight Watchers so I'm sort of happy. I have at least another 5 or so more stones to get rid of but I am stuck - no weight loss for ages - and that makes me depressed.

I'd be really interested to hear how others have lost weight - and kept it off - I am in need of some inspiration :)

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Hi Green-kate,

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. I did a post yesterday with a link to the report about the 10-a-day - by the BBC, so do have a look at it if you want more details on the portion sizes etc:

Weight wise, one portion is 80g (3oz).

Congratulations on losing 2 stones recently with Weight Watchers, that's really great! You might find the NHS weight loss community helpful for your continued weight loss journey? They have weigh-ins daily which are free and fun to join.

Maybe join both communities so you can make the most of the support.

I have lost a total of 5 stones, and been a healthy BMI for the last 2 years - I have used the NHS 12 week plan to lose weight, and I tend to eat foods that are similar to the Mediterranean diet - and I love the fact that we're being encouraged to eat more fruit and vegetables, as I think it's incredibly healthy to do that.

Hope you have a really good week, and good luck with your weight loss goals.

Zest :-)


Hi, well done on your weightloss, that's great. Weight watchers is having a great positive effect on you by the sounds of it.

As for the 5 a day, the more the better I say. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten in abundance.

I currently have 7 st to lose. I started juicing a week ago and have lost 9lbs, I know mostly water weight first week but I tell you what I feel amazing. My energy levels are through the roof. I suffer from fibromyalgia too and the last 4 years of my life have been terrible so I'm so thankful to feel this way.

I found sugar was my crutch. Do you eat much sugar?

It's natural to have stalls in weight loss, google whooshes and stalls, will give you some info on weight loss.

Keep up the great work, you have done so amazingly already. Xx

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Hi Jan, thank you for your encouraging words xx

I personally don't find sugar to be my problem - I'm a "savoury" girl - cheese is my downfall I fear but I am working on it :) - ditto with the odd glass of wine - which is, I guess, making up a fair share of my "sugar" intake :(

The thing is I do know what I should and should not eat - most days I have fruit for breakfast - homemade veg soup or a salad for lunch - and supper will be mostly vegetables and protein (tonight is Sheperd's Pie with Sweet Potato and Celeriac as the topping instead of mashed spuds, with loads of sprouting broccoli)

And I don't snack.

What I know I do need to do is to burn more calories than I eat - and that is my problem. I started Weight Watchers on my doctor's advice because of severe pain in my knees which makes walking extremely painful and even having lost those 2 stones hasn't actually made walking any less painful.

By the way - Weight Watchers warn against juicing - it's all to do with the fibre you lose in the juicing process. Smoothies are a little better but I guess what WW are saying is that we should put the whole fruit in our bodies so that we work that bit harder to process everything.

I don't know much about fibromyalgia apart from it being really painful and debilitating. If Juicing is helping then ignore me and bravo for losing those 9lbs xxxx


Thank so much :).

It sounds like you have your healthy eating down to a T. No snacking either, well done. I love cheese too. And eggs, always the first thing I crave normally if I diet.

The juicing has helped with my pain tremendously, normally have super painful knees hips and back but it's gone from 100% pain to only 10% this week so things are looking up. I walked for around 15mins last night and normally it is a huge effort to walk for 5 mins.

Maybe you can find some kind of excercise that you enjoy since you know what you need to do, and are eating the right foods. Personally, if I start feeling better to the point where I can excercise I'm going to buy a rowing machine, great full body workout.

Good luck to you in your journey let me know how it's going. Xx

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