Healthy Eating: Fruit & Vegetables

Healthy Eating: Fruit & Vegetables

Hi everyone,

I was really happy to see the news this morning, and to see that we are being encouraged to eat more fruit and vegetables as part of healthy eating.

I'm linking to the BBC report by James Gallagher, Health and Science Reporter at the BBC, as I think his report is a good summary of the recent research from Imperial College, London on these findings:

Within that report, they have included a questionnaire regarding whether people are getting 5-a-day (fruit & veg), and a link to that is here:

I am not sure how many portions I manage to eat of fruit and vegetables per day, so I'll be taking that test later, but I am already aiming to increase my consumption. In the report, they mention that a portion is equivalent to 80g (3oz) and is "the equivalent of a small banana, a pear or three heaped tablespoons of spinach or peas'' and it's helpful to know the portion sizes.

I have put a photo of a few fruit and veg I had in my kitchen today - and I love the range of colours, and I'm looking forward to some tasty meals from them.

Hope everyone is having a really good week.

Zest :-)


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4 Replies

  • love vegetables, so not difficult for me I'm pleased to say

  • Me too, there are so many delicious veggies out there. :-)

  • I have always been a fairly big meat eater - but lately I have increased my vege/fruit consumption and am enjoying it. I still like a little meat - but I am no longer "looking" for it all the time - I even went to a restaurant a few nights ago and had a "walnut and pomegranate" salad ( with a few chicken strips added_ - and it was delicious. Imagine me looking for salads in a restaurant - I even had "smashed avocados and poached eggs" on toast for breakfast last week at a cafe :)

  • It's great that you're enjoying eating more vege/fruit - and those meal choices you made sound really delicious, especially the 'smashed avocados and poached eggs' on toast - what a yummy breakfast, I really like the sound of that. :-)

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