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Can't wait to lose weight

Saw consultant yesterday and he decided I don't need a knee op (thank goodness) although I have arthritis he thinks the pain is coming from a knee injury that I did 6 months ago given a large knee brace and injection told to see him again in 6 weeks hoping losing 16lbs in weight will help can't wait to start after Xmas to try to lose weight which I am determined to do it really Spurs me on when I read all the messages. Thank you so much for the replys

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Hi Dougal33,

Great news that you don't need a knee op. Great that you're looking forward to losing weight, and I'd like to wish you success with your weight loss plans. Glad you're finding the forum to be motivating and wishing you a really good weekend and week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


That's really good news - I lost some weight and it did my arthritic knee wonders!


I had a similar problem after a knee injury. The three things that helped me more than anything (besides weight loss):

1) Drinking 2 litres of water a day to plump up and cushion the joints

2) Eating a handful of raw oily nuts a day to lubricate joints

3) Walking every day, even with a walking stick, to make my body realise it needed to strengthen the joints


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