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Angina attacks

Hello there I suffer with angina & emphysema c.o.p.d im tryin to eat healthy by eating chicken and drinkin fruit juices and buying fruit and making fruit smoothies this does help stop me from having angina attacks as I read up that pineapple and cranberry and apple and oranges are very good for pain releif when haing angina attacks as i dont like using my gnt spray as it makes me feel unwell which i dont like so id rather make up my fruit smoothies that help pain

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Hi Misty,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. I hope you're having a good week.

Lowcal :-)


Hello there yes im well thank you I hope you are aswell


what you are doing sounds excellent, Misty, but do be careful that your drinking fruit juices are completely natural - not bottled, or canned, or in cartons. If they are they are almost certain to have been treated and have additives. Instead of drinking juices why not simply eat the whole fruit ? It is sure to obtain extra vitamins and minerals etc.

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Hello there yes I only drink the carton fresh fruit drink's & make fruit smoothies during the day. I buy lots of fruit that are good for pain releif For Angina that I suffer with ive been reading up whats good to eat fruit wise thats good for pain releif and pineapple and cranberry and apple juice& Pomegranate is good for rheumatoid arthritis which I do have aswell. But I make fresh fruit smoothies to stop my Angina attack's I have them about 4 to 6 time's aday & I do feel better I dont suffer Angina attack's so much now. thank you for your message take care Angie


Hello there im very well thank you I do hope you are aswell take care Angie


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