Am finding walking extremely painful at the moment? For the last few days my arthritis has been so painful. My old uncle used to say that his arthritis got worse in the damp or wet weather. I'm wondering if he was right all those years ago? Before I went onto my healthy eating journey I used to get arthritis in my knees and hips. After losing weight it 'disappeared ', but now I'm thinking perhaps it was just the weather. When I took darling old dog out this morning, I decided to walk through the pain. It was really really hard going! We managed to walk four miles but so, so slowly. It took an hour and a half, and I could hardly climb the stairs when we got home. I will persevere, but I'm wondering if it is best to 'walk through the pain' or whether it's best just to have shorter walks. Any ideas or advice? 😳😊


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  • Minimise your intake of sugar, even from fruit. Eat low Gi carbs, keeping to about 40g per meal.

    Try resistance exercise to build the muscles around joints, and don't exercise more frequently than every other day, to allow time for recovery.

  • Thank you, I will investigate and try this as I don't know what low Gi barbs are. Yes, I am just going to walk a short way today. thank you for taking the time to reply 😊

  • How are things Jweanie?

    Low Gi carbs include most non-starchy vegetables, barely-ripe banana, berries, quinoa, bulgur wheat, most legumes (not broad beans, and avoid baked beans), whole milk, whole oats, sweet potato, sweet corn, and wholegrain pasta.

    Avoid potatoes, parsnips, rice, cous cous, wheat flour, sugar, corn flakes, Shredded Wheat and Weetabix for instance.

  • Ah! I do eat weetabix for breakfast every morning! I might change that then! Thank you 😊

  • Yes, it's one of those instances where they tell you how healthy the fibre is for you, and neglect to mention the negative impacts on your blood sugar, hormones and health.

  • Hello there, have you ever looked into pro.biotics and the effects they can have on inflammatory diseases such as arthritis?. If you type arthritis and pro.biotics into your search engine the results are very interesting, including news on trials. It,s important you use a really good one as many well known supermarket brands just don,t have enough good bacteria in them. anne.

  • Thank you Anne I will investigate online- hadn't really thought about this before- sounds very interesting 😊

  • That is interesting tillycindy. Other things like omega-6 and insulin-like growth factor are known to be inflammatory too.

  • After many years of abusing my health and body in general this healthy eating journey has come as a revelation to me!. I have just reread your post. I found starting to exercise again particularly difficult as like yourself I had physical issues to deal with. I rediscovered a lost childhood joy in swimming. At first I was very self conscious being ( I prefer to say well built with lap and stomach cat friendly.......but you get the picture! ) But with the aid of a sympathetic pool attendant, ( I think she,d met plenty of my varieties before! ) soon figured out the best times for a quiet swim, without an audience of chattering school children. The water helps support the bodies weight, and is a good gentle form of exercising for people with conditions like arthritis. Any gentle exercise is good, but I don,t think you ought to try and work through the pain especially if you take painkillers which may mask any damage you may be unintentionally doing. After walks or swims, ( or an emotionally draining day television viewing ) I found bathing in a salt bath both relaxing and easing to weary bones. I use EPSOM , or Dr SALTS therapeutic solutions, 100% DEAD SEA bath salts, MUSCLE THERAPY With Eucalyptus which says on the packet a) soothes aches and pains. b) aids detoxification. c) rebalances skin. I can only speak for myself but I think using either of these or sometimes I mix the both, really helps my aches and pains. There should also be walking, exercising groups of folk like yourself in your area, it is surprising once you begin to look!. Leisure centres , swimming pools, the doctors, churches and the internet can point you in the right direction, ( just type " Arthritis support groups in my area" on google ). Now I have moved back to the countryside and am surrounded by the beautiful Preseli Hills I am looking at getting myself a canine walking partner, any ideas greatly appreciated ( must be o.k with cats! ). Beautiful day here, anne.

  • Good to see the sun, isn't it? Have been for a short walk with darling old Barney and it wasn't too onerous today. I will think about swimming actually although a bit busy at the moment with work and new baby grandson 😊😊❤️️

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