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About taste.


Hi everyone, I wanted to know something. Which kind of food, meal or ingredient will make you say "Yuck!"? Do you consider yourself to be an adventurous eater? Once you try something you don't like, will you try it again?

Speaking for me, i'm really not fond of savory. I think it taste like dirt. My mother used to cook her poultry with it, or including it in some mashed potatos... For me it's a big big no! I still try to taste, but when I taste its flavor... it's like if the dish was not good at all for me. :)

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Hi SenateurDupont it's highly processed foods that turn me off the most and being a coeliac I'm glad I don't have to think about eating many options others have. 😊

Read the labels Jerry! Kidding... Even if there is someting written, there can be some gluten hidden somewhere! I do think you still have many options, but you need a good food knowledge and work a lot to cook your own things. For some people it can be a big thing! :) And you know what, even if I am not coeliac, I got an interest in cooking with ingredients that does not contain gluten... to learn and to add some variety!

Fish! 🤢🤮🤢🤮 All types! When you get advised to eat oily fish several times a week, I could punch someone on the nose...or honk all over them!

Does you fish aversion also extend to seafood?

Oh yes, slimy version of fish. It was caused by my dad - a very keen fisherman who loved fish - making me eat it as a kid and making me finish it. Would cause me to honk! Shame he didn't make me eat chocolate and cakes and biscuits!!!

Forcing a child to finish something he does not like is clearly not the way. As a parent I would go for :" I just want you to have a taste" because I think you can devlop a taste for someting over time. When I was young I had problems with liver and blood pudding. Today I eat and love them.

Absolutely, so sad that there is a whole range of foods that I can't touch :(

I have never liked fish, even the smell puts me off, because of the constant talk of needing omega 3 from fish I have started to take omega 3 capsules

Well that's a bright thing to do!

Cant' taste them at all otherwise I wouldn't take them

Chia seeds have omega 3 and don't taste/smell of fish. Yayyyy!!

I don’t really like raw mushrooms or olives.

If they’re on pizza it’s okay, but I wouldn’t ever want to eat them by themselves.

I don’t like and will not eat oysters.


No oysters? Even if they are on a pizza? :) Just kidding!

😂😂 that’s funny. Thanks for replying to my post and making me smile!

My son was the same with mushrooms but he eats them now in meals like a casserole. He's still not keen on olives and can't think why.

Bananas. They are the debbil fruit. I don't like being in the same room as ripe bananas.


Is it the smell, the taste the texture? Does it extend to aromas like banana artificial flavor?

I am halfway through writing a followup! Watch this space.

Less interestingly, I have two phobias, and they both come from the same source.

As a kid, I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. What I actually had was viral-triggered asthma, but that wasn't a diagnosis back then. Basically every time I got a cold, I would end up with a hacking cough. Without doubt, this was asthma - backed up by the fact that when the compare asthma rates in the past with today, they include chronic bronchitis, and whenever I get the same thing now I get the itchiness in the middle of my chest that I now recognise as asthma.

My "bronchitis" would be treated with antibiotics, either penicillin injections or orally, often banana flavoured.

Penicillin is thick. Those shots hurt. Decades of minor injections has not cured my needle phobia. I gave blood regularly until I couldn't, but everytime was an ordeal. One of the reasons I gave blood was to store karma because I hated needles.

Similarly with bananas. I am as sure as I can be that penicillin was flavoured with artificial banana. One time my dad offered to buy an ice cream. I told him my favourite variety (vanilla ice cream shrouded in chocolate) and he came back with the banana flavoured version. My dad was a 60s dad (see Mad Men). I did not like this version. I told him it wasn't what I asked for. He didn't like wasting food, so told me to eat it. I gagged it down. Finished the whole ice-cream, I am sure. And it's the last banana flavoured thing I have ever willingly eaten. I'm OK with plantain, and artificial banana flavouring even though I am sure that's what I ate that day. Banana candies are fine. But real, ripe bananas? They make me gag.

I could probably fix this, but not super motivated. Bananas and whales (for ethical reasons) are the only things I don't eat. It doesn't seem to be a problem that needs fixing.

FWIW, he was a good and loving dad. He messed up badly on bananas and even worse on my brother's food avoidance disorder but he was still a good dad.

Oh! I understand perfecly! My mother did not eat bananas either, as well of banana flavor, that's why I asked. However, even if she did not like them, she bought us bananas.

Thanks for your response!

And you are right about banana flavoured penicillin - I reckoned it smelt nice!!

Totally with you there. One banana a year is my limit but it has to be only just yellow and no black blemishes


Celery ... it’s horrid :(

It reminds me... as a 70's child, my mother would serve us celery stick with peanut butter spread on it as an after school snack! :P

Yep, raw celery is horrible. I chop it up finely and preferably blend it in soups so it gets another veg into us

I totally understand! Sometimes it tastes like dirt.

I have started eating it with tons of cream cheese or peanut butter and I’ve learned to like the crunch - but the taste by itself is still kind of gross.


Artichoke - yak 🤢

Once I received a friend home and served artichoke. All the leaves disposed like flower petal in the plate with the heart in the middle filled with dressing. He did not knew how to eat them... instead of asking us how to do it, he started eating. My mother and I let him chew a complete leaf! He chewed and chewed and chewed while we were laughing inside! He still talks about it! 🤣🤣🤣


I know.... but so funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣

I agree 😂😂😂

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I agree they are seriously yuk! and when I did try them disguised with flavouring they gave me the most disgusting gas!!!

Please tell me what savory is. Of course I know of savoury, a taste.

A green herb , two varieties winter and summer.

Thank you, it sounded familiar, but not widely used up ‘ere I the frozen north. We do have savoury faggots though.

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I'm in the UK - here a faggot is a sort of meatball, made from chopped liver, bacon, seasonings, breadcrumbs wrapped up in a membrane but I've forgotten what that is called!! Is that what you mean? Very tasty cooked with onions, a nice gravy, mashed spuds and whatever veg. Mmmmm, could make it without the breadcrumbs

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Yes it is CC, but recipes vary regionally, I know that locally Sage is used in the mix also.

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Yes different people and butchers which make it have different recipes

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Covering is Caul, it’s the membrane that surrounds the pigs stomach.

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That's it thanks. Haven't made them myself in ages so totally forgot

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I love them, but I do an easy recipe using sage and onion stuffing made from my homemade spelt bread, pigs liver and belly pork (complete with rind); traditionally they had all of the offals including the lights (lungs) but the availability isn’t that good hence my cheating recipe. They come out quite meaty but are very nutritious!

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That's a great idea! I'm following a low carb diet so was thinking about how to substitute the breadcrumbs. I think it would be too meaty without any carb as you say

It’s an herb.

in reply to Tudee

Thanks for asking! I also didn’t know what it was.

Artichoke and olives are the work of the devil.

I don't think so. Jesus was accused of the devil's work in casting out demons, and was able to point out the folly (CEV Mark 3: 22-30). The garden of Gethsemane was an olive grove where he often went with the disciples, and whilst it doesn't ensure that olives are holy, it does refute they are the work of the devil.

Besides, they are one of the few foods that have been proven to benefit heart health in randomised controlled trials ;-)

I hope your answer is tongue in cheek,......or you may need help......., you are in the right place.

Hi Tudee, it may be tongue in the cheek or not. If not then... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funda...

Really you expect me to be interested in fundamentalism, read reams about it, enough, they are still the work of the devil, get over it.

No, I don't want you to be interested in it, but it explains the answer you got about olives being the work of the devil! When someones is citing the bible about olives refering to a special chapter of a book... then it must be fundamentalism not tongue in the cheek!

What a great soporific

I will eat or try most things but don't attempt anything smoked. I love shell fish but not whelks and just couldn't eat snails. From childhood I had an aversion to onions, don't know why but now I can't cook without them although I still don't like chunks of onion on my plate.

I ate snails once in a French restaurant when very drunk!! They were swimming in garlic butter so the taste was great. They were like tender rubber.

I do love them. In garlic and also in a sauce in wich was « Chartreuse ». With the herbal flavour of this liquor, it was kind a reminder of where were coming the we were eating.

Hi SenateurDupont

I used to dislike mushrooms, but over time I've gradually got used to having them, and now I quite like them - although I still don't choose to have 'mushroom soup'.

I don't really like the taste of fennel, although I can eat it. But I usually avoid it, if I can.

Zest :-)

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Oh yeah, fennel. Anything aniseed, really. Pernod <shudder!>

I once ordered a veggie box, brought by the milkman. It was a selection of in-season vegetables, but dominated by a huge fennel. Lesson learnt.

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Yes, the aniseed flavour, I don't like that either. I don't like Pernod - not a nice taste for me. :-)

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I have a great recipe for chestnut and fennel soup. The fennel just gives it a light fresh taste. Cooked, it loses the strong aniseed flavour

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Hi ChubbieChops

I would love to know your recipe for the soup, as I would definitely be prepared to try it - I really like chestnuts. :-)

Zest :-)

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I can't take any credit for this recipe - it's from a book called 'Soups', funny enough, published by Hamlyn. Loads of delicious recipes.

The recipe calls for 375g of chestnuts in their shells but I buy them pureed or already shelled to save a lot of time. I also buy at least 375g of chestnuts so my soup has a much higher ratio of chestnuts.

Fry 75g of pancetta or streaky bacon in 50g butter for a few mins. Add 3 shallots or 1 large onion chopped, 1 chopped stick of celery and half a chopped fennel bulb - I bung in the whole bulb. Fry about 6 - 8 mins until soft. Add the chestnuts, 1 pint of chicken stock and 1 pint of milk. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins if using nuts you have shelled, otherwise simmer for a few mins. Then blend and season


Mmmmm that looks scrumptious!

Yes, I'd forgotten how yummy it is so going to make it again this week 😋

in reply to ChubbieChops

Hi ChubbieChops

Many thanks, the recipe looks very nice - I hope to try it sometime.

Zest :-)

Tripe is the one food I won't eat

Oh dear, this thread is making me into a liar. I thought I wasn't fussy, but tripe is another 🤮

My mother used to serve it regularly and I never complained. One day she asked me how she should prepare it, in white sauce or tomato sauce. I voted for tomato sauce because "if I pile a lot of sauce on it and swallow it quickly, I can hardly taste it" She never served it again.

Subsequently eaten it at Yum Cha/Dim Sum and enjoyed it, but only a bite or two. It's prepared in a way that it takes up the unami from sauces.

It's the smell as it cooks awful

I did tried it in a spicy Asian hot pot. Well they do taste bland and it’s just the sauce that taste something. The rest is a crunchy rubbery texture that I don’t really appreciate... I got the same thing with pork ears!

During the war (WW2 for you young things) we were given Tripe, Whalemeat, Snoek, rabbit stew complete with sharp splintery bones..I could not eat any of them and still remember them with aversion.

Whale meat and Snoek must have had a strong fish flavor! The only thing I know about whale meat it that the inuits, up north where I live, will eat it frozen. (I never had them) I do like rabbit, but it's the sauce that makes all of the flavor. And yes, there is the kind of food, but your story makes me think that the time in wich it was served and the repetetiveness of it has probably enhanced your aversion. There must have been a full change of menu for you during WW2.

Um, whales are mammals. It won't taste fishy. 🙄

Yes, it was amazing. Our Government at that time devised a diet, although restricted, provided enough nutrients to sustain health. Most was rationed so no one went without and some people actually ate better than they had been able to afford previously. None of us as children was overweight and had plenty of energy to play outdoors all day.

Interesting that there a lot of commonly disliked foods/textures/flavours

Yes indeed. Some are just dislikes and others are related to life stories.

I hate eggs. I don’t like the looks or the smell. I haven’t had one since I was a little kid. I’m sure if I had one now I might like it , but I just cannot bring myself to try it.

I like this scene in "Frenzy" where Hitchcock plays with the disgust we can have with some food!

LOVE artichokes, LOVE olives, LOVE banana (don't eat it, high in sugar, miss it though) but...liver! YUCK! Not sure why anyone considers that organ edible. And I don't care how many tasty onions you saute it with.

A lot of people will not like giblets. Liver, heart, brain, kidney, gizzard, sweetbread, testicles ans on on and so on! And at first I tought they would come in first line when I posted my topic!

Well, they have pretty well disappeared from the diet, in the UK at the least, so I suspect many people have never tasted them.

This is a pity, as they are some of the most nutritious foods and very tasty if correctly prepared.

I feel nose to tail eating is the most ethical and sustainable way of eating, if you want to eat meat. Killing an animal and then picking over its carcass (metaphorically) for the bits you find most appealing seems to show no respect for the life of the animal, or the planet's resources.

I agree! However, there are some of them I think I would not be very fond of... like lungs.

Right. Blecchh.

I can't abide beans of any description. It's the texture. Yuck.

I don’t eat meat or any offal now so I have less to consider but I don’t like jellyfish (oddly crunchy and chewy at the same time but happily not a real problem here 🤓) and I can’t abide the texture of okra (lady’s fingers) 🥴

I've just learned that jellyfish was edible.... hummm! Wonder what it tastes like.

It doesn’t have much taste either, so not much to recommend it. The spicy Vietnamese soup 🥣 it was part of held all the flavour and heat of the dish 🥵

Here comes the list...

Mince - so I avoid most pasta dishes, mexican food, vetkoek and samoosa's (but I will happily make patties and eat them no problem)



Tripe (here in SA it is called Afal - and some people eat the heads too - called smileys)

Hot dogs (viennas)





Peanuts!!! (any form of it)

Brussel sprouts

Baked beans - only enjoy fresh green beans

Feels silly to have so many dislikes but I am sure we survive just fine without them!

Mine are Oysters, Clams, Salmon, Tilapia, All I can think of right now.

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