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Healthy Eating

It has been 35 days since my stent operation. I stopped eating any kind of fats. everything is olive oil based. I am on a cholesterol medication. I think i lost weight. I lost my appetite for all the recipes i am swallowing. i am craving for eggs and cheese breakfast. do you have any recommendation for a recipe that would do for that. what about wine can i drink red wine.

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Are eggs banned? I thought they now believed eggs to be ok? I use low fat strong cheddar, just a sprinkle in an omelette with mushrooms 😊 Yummy


Aahegypt, what kind of stent did you have? Olive oil is definitely better than most other oils and if you need a little butter for a recipe,,use the real stuff, not margarine. A cookbook or guide might be helpful. It's important to eat some fats, you'll feel more satisfied physically and less cheated. You can eat eggs in moderation, as with everything! If you make an omelette for breakfast, try spraying a nonstick pan with butter flavored Pam, then use veggies in your omelette, and a little topping of cheese. I'm getting hungry. If you don't have a diet you can and will follow, it won't satisfy you for long. This I know from personal experience.

You can have a regular size glass of red wine a day. That's a lot of info, but maybe it will give you some ideas.

You might get a comprehensive Weight Watchers' cookbook. That's what I'm on. Twenty pounds in 4 months. Not fast, but consistent. They also have cookbooks for fast recipes. If you join, you can get practical advice every week. I hope that helps. Such a struggle, right? Nesie 237

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