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Hello i am new my reason for healthy eating i suffer with acid reflux and have to avoid several foods and trying to lose weight any feedback appreciated thank you .


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  • Hi:). I think the majority of foods that cause acid reflux are unhealthy foods aren't they. Maybe when you cut these out to help with your condition then you should lose weight too. As soon as I eat really bad I wake at night with the acid coming back up into my mouth. It's horrible. I haven't suffered for a few weeks now since I started eating healthier with my diet. X

  • Have you tried a spoon of organic apple cider vinegar before meals?

    Cut out all processed foods, & especially anything you know is a trigger.

  • Hello how do you take it just on its own or maybe over a salad . David

  • I quite like the taste of ACV, but water it down with a little green tea before meals, or use it on salads. It's also nice to dip bread in it, instead of balsamic. I've even used it to make elderberry vinegar.

    You need to make sure the type you get is organic, & has a probiotic culture at the bottom of the bottle. Shake gently before use to get the culture mixed up & slightly cloudy. I use Biona ACV, but have seen another brand, possibly Braggs.

    I rarely get indigestion as long as I stick to a clean food diet. I'm also sure daily kefir has made my digestion more robust.

  • What is daily kefir?

  • I ferment kefir twice a week, then second ferment at least 300mls every day, before eating.

    It's a type of Turkish super yoghurt, but with several lactobacillus instead of the one or two in even the good commercial brands.


  • Can you buy this yogurt? I wouldn't want to make it.

  • Yes, but it's expensive. 500mls is £2.95 or 250mls for £1.95 in some healthfood shops & & online supermarkets.

    If you add a 500ml bottle to a litre of organic milk, it makes itself if kept in a warm place for 24 hours, 8 in summer. I made it this way overnight under my tent last summer, & just added some to fresh milk each day.

    Making it from grains is only slightly more complicated, & about as much effort each day as making a pot of tea or coffee. :)

  • If you had 500

    ml to what ?

  • I repeat: If you add a 500ml bottle to a litre of organic milk, it makes itself if kept in a warm place for 24 hours, 8 in summer.

    That's 500ml of ready made kefir to 1l of organic milk.

  • Your not making sense 500 MLS of organic milk to What ? Yogurt ?.

  • Kefir!

    You asked me about kefir, not how to put a rocket into space! You stated you did not want to make it, & asked if it could be bought. I gave you the cost, & told you how simple it is to make your own from a ready made bottle.

    If you buy a 500ml bottle of kefir for £2.95, & add it to 1l of organic milk at £1, then let it ferment it makes 1.5l of kefir, enough for a small glass a day for a week at under half the cost of buying it ready made.

  • You didn't say bottle of Kerfir had you made it clearer in the first place .

  • I thought it would be obvious, since that's what you asked me about.

  • Like No you could have been talking about yogurt

  • If I sent you an articles on potatoes, then started writing about carrots, that could be confusing. I just wrote about kefir, without changing the subject.


  • Oh My Days BadHare and Um_please I have laughed my socks off! You two should be on the tele...xx

  • Wish it was funny! :-/

  • They sell kefir milk in large ASDAs for £1.25 for a litre bottle. Tastes like a drinkable natural yogurt but a bit more tart. It's got great health benefits.

  • Thanks Jane

  • ACV with mother is available in holland and Barrett's half price at the moment. X

  • Which brand?

    I usually get a 6 pack from Amazon, & share. :)

  • The ACV? It's braggs it's £5.49 a bottle now, and buy one get one half price sorry not half price. not sure if that is cheaper than amazon as the braggs on amazon I have seen is £10 a bottle :)

  • H&B have rip off prices for most things, unless they're reduced. I've paid <£16 for 6 750ml Biona ACV, & £3.05 for 1 from Ocado.

  • Sounds like you get them for a great price then :).

  • Hi Um_please,

    Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. I just wanted to also suggest that you might find this Health blog webpage from Patient.co.uk website helpful, it's by Dr Sarah Jarvis, and is entitled: "Acid reflux and indigestion - the facts to know to help beat your symptoms":


    I hope it's helpful.

    Zest :-)

  • Have you tried a heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in a small glass of milk. Because it's alkaline it nukes the acid. Hope things get better for you soon...xx

  • Hi avoid foods that trigger it ,Alcohol,fried greasy foods etc.Cider vinegar can be tried mixed with honey,much more palatable.I find live Greek yogurt daily helps me.Dont lie too flat in bed but avoid piles of pillows it's better to raise the top of your bed a little.Hope this helps.

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