Fasting - what is your experience like?

yesterday evening i saw full moon, it mentioned me the year ago - i was experimenting with fasting every month, when moon got on full phase. So i decided, next two days i am going to no-eating :) .. It is not because i want to lose weight (i dont need it really), its because i want do it for my health - shift up my metabolism, to light digestion, forget to meals for a while and feel again that all feelings f.e. how body reacts, sensibility of body, peace mind etc..

I want to spend these days with a movement, water, nature, learning...

Fruits or some sweet drinks are out of the question.

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3 Replies

  • Hi Juraj,

    I hope your fasting is going ok today.

    I've done intermittent fasting before, and I did fast for a longer period of time once as well, I think it was about 3 days, but it was a few years ago. Personally I don't particularly enjoy fasting, as I tend to feel light-headed, hence I don't do it nowadays, but I would like to wish you success with yours.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi, I am okey, but tomorrow i am going to start eat. Two days (nights) fasting will be probably too stressing for me. Now i am feeling it on my brain - little stress. I had so much optimism, when i wrote this post and started with it.

    It was not bad decision to stop it earlier as i planned. I think, I am not giving up, I just decided to listen body and doesn't rape myself longer.

    You're right occasionally intermittent fasting will be probably better way.

    Thanks for reply.


  • Hi Juraj,

    Glad you're listening to your body, and not extending that fasting window too far - wishing you a good weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

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