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School run 🏃 Mums & Dads

Morning all 🙋 so my two boys are back to school next Tuesday.. They really need it! Especially my 6 year old who's a jumping bean 😆 and my eldest Son starts Secondary School!! Its unbelievable how time flies . Anyway this is my 4th day on the 12 week plan & I'm really enjoying it . The thing that worries me now is when my boys are back to school mornings in my house are rather hectic & crazy , I'm up at 6 :30 with my 18 month old little girl, then boys are up by 7 (partner leaves for work 730 most morning's) and basically from 7-8 it consists of me sorting out breakfast for them all, packed lunches , making sure they are clean and dressed, making sure I throw some clothes on myself 😆 then in the car to drop boys off at totally different schools. My school run ends around 9:15/20/30 depending on the traffic ! On route home I have decided to stop somewhere which I know will be a great 30/40 min walk with the pushchair & I want to make this a daily thing .( sorry to ramble) so my question is ..... When shall I eat breakfast? And how am I going to fit it in? I'm eating breakfast every day atm and do not want to stop that! I could have it when I get home? But is that not a little late ? 10:30 - 45? Advice please . When do you fit your breakfast in if your on the school run? x

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Wow a hectic schedule! I would try to have breakfast with your boys before setting out for the school run and exercise, otherwise your meal routine could be out of step for the day increasing the risk of snacking. I have found that 3 proper meals a day has made a difference to me. Good luck.

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Thanks nac150 yes I think ill try & squeeze something in atleast . Maybe a banana & yoghurt as that's quite fast to make xx


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