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I am not doing well in my mind this week. I have managed to keep to my calories and added more fruit and veg but my brain is warring against me. I'm not sleeping well and I think the tiredness and knee pain are making things harder. I recognise my goals and I'm happy to be achieving them but my motivation wanes and there's still half a week to go.

What do you guys do when motivation is lacking?


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  • Is this a no carb diet as I have tried these and as soon as you start eating you put the weight straight back on..

  • I am sorry to say that all symptoms point to one direction.You are going through a phase of depression.If that is so try to find out cause for this.Tou are on this forum so it is supposed that you are suffering from diabetes.Bye the way are you suffering from diabetes or there is some other problem?

  • I'm not sure I agree with the depression thing. I have no low mood or anything other than lack of motivation in this one area. I'm not diabetic, just a gal wanting to get healthy.

  • I check this forum - and also the FB page of the 5:2 diet - which I have been following for 1 month now with good results and the feeling that finally I have found a way of eating I could stick for forever....! (and I do​ eat healthy, just too much....!)

  • Sugar and refined carbohydrates can trigger cravings and feelings of hunger. If you keep sugar and processed foods to a minimum and replace the calories from those things with good fats to satiate your hunger you may feel much better? I've struggled with my mind telling me to eat more - always biscuits, cakes, chocolate, bread etc and never broccoli! For many years. I don't count calories any more, I just cut my sugar, bread, pasta and potato intake to a very very low level and I eat more good fats (butter, olive oil, oily fish, nuts, cheese) eating this way really stops the cravings and the mind issues!

  • I've started to do that anyway for IBS related issues so its good to know it'll be helpful elsewhere. Thanks :-D

  • Hey! I also struggle with the same problem, I constantly need motivation to keep me going and I also suffer from knee pain which I think is down to my weight which is a pain as working out hurts but I need to work out to lose weight to stop the knee pain! I used to be a member of a private group on facebook when I did JuicePlus and this really helped me stay motivated, speaking to people in the same boat and posting pictures of food, sharing ideas and recipes. With this in mind I have yesterday created a group called Today I Make Friends With Salad and it is set as a closed group but anyone can request to join who is trying to lose weight so we can spur each other on. If you want to check it out search for Today I Make Friends With Salad or search for me using amyjanep@outlook.com. It is simply a group for people losing weight by being healthy, no fad diets. I've tried them all and they don't work!

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