New beginnings

New beginnings


Joined today, looking for fresh motivation and inspiration.

I have lost 3.5 stones since January with slimming world, but have recently fallen off the wagon for the past month and have not been able to get back aboard. 😔

I've already gained a stone back, and am beginning to feel more disheartened by the day....we all know the cycle.

Anyway I've decided a fresh approach maybe what I need and have come seeking help, inspiration and motivation from this site...

So big girl panties on. ( Well nothing else will fit anyway lol) and fingers crossed, deep breath, and off I go...

Ps. All offered of a leg up to get back on the wagon greatly received. 😊


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  • What type of foods have you been eating since January? Maybe, you might want to change some of what you have at each meal? Do you count carbs., or calories, or both?

  • I've been following the ee slimming world plan, though not eating the portions they say you can, as I found it didn't work for me then, so more or less calorie counting. I was just going to the group for the support really..

  • Hi, had you changed your diet when you gained that weight back? It's so hard, I know. Nesie 237

  • Hi Nessie

    Yes it is, very hard. I've had a lifelong battle with my weight.

    I went back to eating all the usual junk food that I ate before January. Started off with saying, I'll just have a week off from the 'diet' and voilà, four weeks later I'm still on my week off...😔

  • I live in California, I see that your NHS has a program to help. I don't know if you do that or if it helps. Now, I don't know if you're actually wanting advice, but I'll put mine out there. I've had trouble with my weight since I was in my mid 30's, I'm 60 now. Three months ago I joined Weight Watchers. So far I've lost 20 ponds. It's pretty easy to follow. No calorie counting. It's based on a point system. Maybe read about that and see if it interests you. Personally I don't like being told what I can eat, or feeling hungry. I like this program. For one thing, you can have all the veggies, except potatoes, that you want, no points. And fruit up to four servings a day, all with no points. What a deal! Worth looking at anyway.

    That junk food is pretty much bad, as you know. Enough said there. Keep in touch, if you like. I'm struggling too. Also, it's easier with a friend. Take care, letsdothis, Nesie 237

  • Pounds,not ponds!

  • Well done losing weight. I found the person running weight watchers where I went was not interested when I asked any questions .Good Look. Margaret


  • Why wasn't she interested, do you think? That's an odd reaction. Good luck to you, however you do it,

    Nesie 237

  • That's it.

  • That's why I stopped going to my SW group, the leader only really focused on new members. She was great when I first started but then once you blend into the background the support fades somewhat. I think that has a lot to do with why many people don't stick at these slimming groups for long.

  • That sounds sleazy to me, unprofessional. It seems like WW International might be interested in hearing of your experience.

    I really find it helpful to go with a friend. The meetings are repetitive and the leaders not very inspiring, but doing it together makes it fun. We go out to dinner afterwards, half of the fun. It's just really hard, I know. I tried a very low carbohydrate diet for a few months about 3 years ago, and my body didn't tolerate it well. I lost weight very slowly, it was very expensive, and then I gained the weight back. I had to stop because I became seriously ill with cancer, totally unrelated.

    Let me know if you find something that works, I wish you luck, Nesie 237

  • I'm so sorry to hear that you had cancer? I hope you are or have recovered well?

  • They tell me I'm cured. Thanksfor asking.Take care, Nesie 237

  • Hello Letsdothis 😊

    If you take a look at the weight loss forum there are links to the nhs12 week plan, if you sign up you get weekly emails to encourage you 😊 You need to work out your target calorie allowance (often more that you would think) then keep track daily if your consumption 😊 The forum is really friendly and we all help each other 😊

    Good luck 😊

  • Thank you Anna, I have been feeling my way around here....slowly. ☺

  • Yes, it's a bit confusing to find your way around 😊 But there are lots of useful links so have a good look 😊

  • I was at SW too. I started in April and by using the good things from SW and the Bmi calorie advice, I have lost 2stone. I try to stay within 1400 cals, but lift it at weekend if out or need a treat. I like this way because it's less restricting if you, say want a wrap which would count as sins. We do eat healthy and I still cook from scratch with fry light and candarel to save calories. Also, we all eat the same so this is a big help. Good luck to you, you will be fine on this 😇😇😇.

  • Well done, but is that not a pain having to count calories when on so. MJ

  • I was meaning SW.

  • I ended up counting calories whilst on SW because the unlimited free food concept only works if you stick rigidly to the plan, and I found that eating as much as I wanted didn't help me lose weight. I just maintained.

    I used the group mainly for the support, but didn't actually follow thier plan. Hope that makes sense...☺

  • I to have come over from S/world & think it's the refocus of something new that is helping... We know that all these clubs & diets work when we stick to them so give this a good go & I hope you see the results ☺

  • Congratulations on the weight loss for starters. Try and think how much better you feel. Managing to tie shoes laces without a mound in front of you. It is theasy little things to think about. Good Luck

  • Hi,

    I've just joined this site today, my story is similar to yours. I was on SW EE but in January my weight started to creep up and i have also put on a stone. the feeling you get is awful and it makes it so hard to stick to, doesn't it? I was also disappointed as i was told you don't need to excessive on SW and i think it was bad advice.

    I've signed up here as i am now going to try counting calories, Good luck, let me know if you find anything that helps. As you say every leg up helps :-) xx

  • Hi Helen.

    You hear amazing stories of weight loss from SW, and it makes you feel so hopeful,and I know it works for many people, but sadly not for me. I cannot eat unlimited amounts of food, no matter how 'free' they are. And so, you're right, it makes you feel just awful.

    I'm still struggling at the moment. I can't seem to get out of the 'i'll do it tomorrow' cycle either. I start every day with good intentions, but have yet to make it to the end of the day without giving in to temptation.... tomorrow I hope. 😟

    How are you doing?

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