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Lack of motivation

Hello all. I have been on this site for quite a few months now but have not really done much about losing weight. I have all the good intentions and can offer support and advice to people on here but for some reason when it comes to myself I basically just can't be bothered or find some excuse to avoid doing what I should to help with weight loss. I think I may be a little depressed aswell at the moment because although I am hungry I can't be bothered to get up and get something to eat. Do I just need a kick up the backside?

Any advice would be most welcome.

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The hardest part is the start. Once you get to doing some exercise you'll start to feel better and want to exercise more. I know its hard especially with the weather as it is but you have everyone here behind you :) also try Joining 'weight loss nhs'. The guys on there are great too and host weekly weigh ins etc. to give you targets and help with motivation.

Best of luck :)


Thank you for your reply. I am back at work next week and I already park my car the furthest away from the school building (small car park) BUT instead of walking in through the door at the back I shall walk around to the main entrance, it is not a huge distance more but it will add up over the week. I shall also go the long way around when going from one class to the staff room (when it is break times) and go upstairs and back down to get there.

I shall start the nhs weight loss plan again next week aswell.

Thanks again

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Motivation - it's different for everybody. Write a list of all the things you plan to do when you get down to your healthy weight. Make a note of your next big birthday and promise yourself a new body as a birthday present? Start a new hobby or sport to get you out and about; meet some new people. Plan a holiday and work towards it, one day at a time. I find an online calorie counter / diary really helpful - try and stick to 1400 calories a day. Don't think about the can't haves, plan the meals you will have. Good luck!


Thank you, my next big birthday is 3 years away, but my next birthday is in December so I shall aim for that one. I also plan to go for a walk in my lunch hours when I am back at work next week. I shall have to do the walk first as if I sit and have my lunch first I shall not do the walk.


Sometimes you can get motivated from the other side- what could happen if you don't. They are linking obesity with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and now Alzheimer's. And the new research is tracing it back to diets filled with refined carbs and sugar. All these chronic diseases show up when this kind of food is brought into cultures that previously didn't have any of them. The threat of losing my mind motivated me big time!!


You are right of course, and I am now of an age where these things will be getting closer to becoming reality.

Thank you


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