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Hi guys, happy new year to you all !

I’m still currently trying to lose weight however due to stress I lost motivation after a week and a bit into it. I’ve tried everything to keep motivated and will continue to do so but I struggle when it comes to meal times and eating in between. If I skip a meal or eat a smaller portion I get even hungrier and end up eating twice as much junk.

I’m not sure what healthier options would keep me fuller for longer and would like any ideas.

Since I have got to 77kg it’s been much harder to lose weight, everybody around me advises me against losing anymore weight (because they prefer me bigger, even though my BMI is still overweight) this also contributes to my unmotivated attitude. I feel I have no support system during this process but I’m desperately trying to lose 20kg.

I will be joining fitness classes on Monday but I feel I need to start with my self motivation, healthier meals and also getting consistent with my exercise.

Please could anyone offer me ANYTHING that’ll help me get to my goal. Thank you all 💕

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Hi Tanya-T

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. I see you've already joined the NHS weight loss forum too - which is what I was going to suggest, as there are some great supportive things going on over there.

I hope you'll enjoy participating here as well - and have a look at our various Pinned posts and Topics.

Good luck with your plans to join the fitness classes on Monday - and wishing you success with your goals.

Zest :-)

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Hi Tanya-T, I think that you have to get things in perspective and not become obsessive about losing weight so the pounds gently slip away. And you have to realise that you are not alone in how you feel so welcome to the human race and welcome to our friendly forum as you're in good company on here for all things healthy eating.

Instead of seeing food as the answer to your emotional issues try and see it as your nemesis and realise that comfort eating is making you uncomfortable. If you decided to go for a walk instead of eating empty calories when you're not even hungry you would change your attitude to food mentally and to me thats half the battle.

So good luck to you.

Jerry 😊


Well done for your motivation. To help you lose weight with ease swap any meat, dairy or fish with plant foods, especially whole foods such as beans, pulses, fruit and veg and your weight will drop more easily. If you can get to the point of removing all animal products from your diet and eat a good whole food plant based diet then you will be able to eat your fill at each and every meal and still lose weight. Indeed you should eat your fill to make sure you get sufficient calories for your body.

Don't expect this to be a crash diet, but do expect the weight to come off reliably.


Hi Tanya-T well done for the weight you've lost so far 😀. You've already found skipping meals leaves you too hungry to make good choices, some people find intermittent fasting where they consume their daily food within a specified time window works really well, but it doesn't work for me If i get too hungry I'll be light headed and shaky and unable to concentrate.

Can you remember from the weight you've lost so far which foods tend to keep you feeling fuller for longer? It's not the same for everyone, some people find it's high fibre carbs, some find its fat, and some find its protein, and for some it's a combination, so you may need to experiment a little, maybe keep a food diary for a couple of weeks to see what's most successful for you. If you find a larger portion more satisfying you can bulk out any meals with extra salad or leafy veg, but you still need to find out what keeps you satisfied for longer so you're not stomach growling hungry again ages before your next meal which is miserable! A lot of people post their meals on here so have a search for ideas. Also bear in mind as well as making healthy choices you need to enjoy what you eat or it's too difficult to stick to your plan long term.

Good luck 😀

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>> If I skip a meal or eat a smaller portion I get even hungrier and end up eating twice as much junk.

Skipping meals and eating less doesn't work, for anyone; "eat less and exercise more" might seem like common-sense advice, but all that happens is that your body will demand more food ... because it needs it.

Losing bodyfat is a matter of convincing your body that it doesn't need to maintain such vast stores of energy; eating less and exercising more can actually compel it to do the exact opposite, because it thinks it's facing a famine.

I am consistently appalled by this modern habit of telling people to "accept the way they are" even when they are clearly unhappy with their body shape, or insisting people accept that "fat is beautiful" even when it's associated with all kinds of ill-health (not to mention low self-confidence). Don't worry, this is completely fixable, and it's not difficult or painful. However, when you make the necessary choices, you are unfortunately going to have to deal with a raft of disapproval. Such is (modern) life.


Happy new year to u2. The sun is out today & I have been out on my bike. Pls keep at it Tanya T. Good luck

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Hi Tanya, hope the exercise you’re planning will help change how you feel - all those endorphins Pumping round your body😃. Have you any hobbbies. Something you can do on an evening instead on snacking? Walking, crochet, sketching, doodling, make someone a birthday card? Sounds crazy but I’ve found crafting really helps. Good luck and wishing you every success.


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