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Eat4Cheap: Baked haddock (£1.40 per serving)

Eat4Cheap: Baked haddock (£1.40 per serving)

Straight from the Frugal Queen's freezer: Haddock baked with spinach, tomatoes and topped with a cheese sauce:

You will need - a frozen fish portion per person. 4oz or 100g is fine. 75p (Haddock from Morrisons)

100g of finely grated cheese (half for the cheese sauce and half to sprinkle on top) 25p

250ml milk (again, I use UHT and buy a month's worth in one go, for cost and convenience) 6p

20g of butter 4p (10g for the sauce and 10g for the spinach)

2-3 heaped tablespoons of cornflour, 2p

100g of frozen spinach 5p

6 halved cherry tomatoes or two sliced tomatoes 6p

4 new potatoes - (100g each portion in weight) 5p

Green beans 100g each - 14p

Total cost per person £1.40

Cooking instructions are on the Frugal Queen's blog:

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Thank you for the link to that web site! It's brilliant!


I love FQ's blog! I live near her too, so its nice and local for me :)


Where did the cheese come from @ £2.50 per kilogramme?


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