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All over the Med areas used Chickpeas.

Buy tinned ones Organic or use Jars.

Great this recipe some mild spices and not a lot to do.

Slow cooker helps here.


Chicken thighs 2per person.

Passata Jar.

Onions any diced up sliced or use fresh frozen, ready chopped.

Spinach frozen cubes used three.

Tin Chickpeas drained.

Spices Paprika, Cumin, one teaspoon each.

Turmeric half teaspoon.

Herbs used Oregano and Fennel Seeds half teaspoons each.

Season Black Pepper.

Use Tomato Puree and Tomato Ketchup or sugar a pinch.


Chicken season leave skin on, season .

To Slow Cooker.

Add to a bowl, Passata, spices, herbs puree and stock mix.

Chickpeas add to bowl mix. Drain these .

Then add Onions mix stir to layer up Slow Cooker.

With a ladle cover meat and switch on, four hours plus low.

Spinach frozen can add last hour defrost boiling kettle.

Add to a bowl then drain to Slow Cooker.

NOTE if you add frozen veggies temperature drops so takes more time to cook.

Quick blanche drain and add.


Thank you every one.

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Chickpeas are fabulous for growing from seed. Soak overnight then water for a couple of days. Then plant in the ground ideally close to the last frost of winter. Each will grow into a pretty shrub about a foot high that will develop white delicate flowers and later soft pods. They have a long growing season, are easy to grow and very attractive.

Thank you much appreciated.

I used to create herb gardens for disabled communities and resource centres for those with learning difficulties.

Rewarding but tiring yes grown most things.

Had a patch of growing beans Borloti and Cannellini at one time.

Borloti speckled pink and purple lovely colours but disappear when cooked.

Chickpeas I eat a lot mainly because full of minerals and vitamins and use them in most dishes.

Med regions lots of recipes ideas and some cheap eats, do you cook ???

Happy to share and care

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Hi MrRigatoni

That's a lovely recipe, thanks for sharing it. I like chickpeas, and I love slow-cooked food too. So tasty.

Hope you have an enjoyable day.

Zest :-)

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MrRigatoni in reply to Zest

Hello hope you enjoy.

Thank you kind words how your week been.

Need to add could make any left over curry just mentioned this.

Add roots curry powder paste coconut milk, uses up left overs.

Evening MrRigaton,

I haven't had chance to make your recipe today, but I will, most certainly will be very soon.

I do make curry with leftovers...It is delicious, isn't it and then adding coconut milk?.. YUMMY!!

Love jx (butterfly)

Hello great to hear from you fine make it yours .

Just some ideas for every one.

Anything can help with be a pleasure to advise.

Know it can be a decision every time make a meal what can I eat ?

Well happy to be here ask me always open the recipe line to any one.

Unfortunately can not cook for every one do get requests just a gentleman wishing every one to be healthy .

Please what ever your doing take care and of each other.

On stand by anytime.

Morning MrRigatoni,,

Iwas going to make one of my usual soups today, but guess what I am going to make your sounds very tasty 🍲...

I have all the ingredients except for.spinach, but I have kale.

Not quite the same but eh ho!!

Had a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard for months...

Thank you jx

Hello thank you for reply use any leafy greens.

All over the Med regions leafy greens.

Kale fantastic use anything Broccoli .

Italians have varied ones on Broccoli, Kale.

One called Rapido like mix of Broccoli and Kale in the home.

Use this with Bacon and Lentils, Pasta.

Use other spices how about.

Cinnamon, Cumin Ground Coriander .

Or how about one of those spice mixes Supermarkets do.

All your recipe make this your own.

If stuck please ask me have lots of cheap eats.

I forget of course spices, greens chickpeas add some roots or potatoes curry powder or paste.

Next day any left curry add tin coconut milk to your requirements.

Just some ideas to help the amazing members on here.

Hi again, I agree most recipes can be adapted to suit, broccoli will be going in there too..

Thank you for your suggestion and I am looking forward to trying it...Yum!


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That sounds amazing. Certainly one to save for my slow cooker. I’ll swap the chicken for quorn and bob’s your uncle x

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MrRigatoni in reply to Hidden

Hello pleased to meet you.

Yes please do anything you wish to change.

Just make it your own.

Pleasure to be helpful please if you wish give some time anything have a problem with.

Finding solutions being either a vegan or vegetarian.

Supportive if I can offer anything.

Please take care.

Hi MrRifatoni,

Chicken and chick peas together?

Sounds like a very interesting recipe.

Thank you for sharing.

Will save


Hello thank you for reply .

This one I sort of changed but adapt to any thing you like.

In Italy Chickpeas spices Sicily are common with Couscous.

Chillies, Garlic, Couscous used with spices.

Could if so wish use other meats Lamb shoulder.

Or veggie bowl add in seen these ready prepared veggies Butternut Squash add others with Spinach greens.

Plus any veggies fridge freezer.

Hope that helps

Pleasure to meet you.

Please take care

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