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Baked potato with veggies.


Hi everyone,

It’s been cold and I’ve been out in it so having a baked potato with some veggies was very appealing, I cooked onion and tomatoes in a little olive oil to soften then added frozen spinach and mixed veg with yeast extract and low salt bouillon. The potato was nice and crispy which I like, plus it’s easy to prepare simple and wholesome food. I smiled as the spinach makes it look like pond water for gravy...

Enjoy your evening folks and stay safe now. 🌟

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This looks really fantastic and I had some peas with a baked potato last night with salmon patties for dinner. Really good! Hope you enjoyed your potato and vegetables. :-)

JerryAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

Thank you Leah and peas and potato are perfect partners so nice one and your salmon patties sound really good too. Enjoy the rest of your day now. 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Thank you! I will have to cook more patties in a few days since we only had two left and I had them already. May make the new ones by Friday next week. :-)

You're welcome! :-)

Looks good Jerry I might have jacket potato tomorrow.xx

JerryAdministrator in reply to Tillymay

Thanks Tillymay I love jacket potatoes. 😊

crazyfitnessPWB Guest

That looks delicious Jerry and I just had to smile at your description of it. Think it might have tasted must better than pond water LOL😂

JerryAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Thanks Alicia and I've got a way with words and got away with that LOL. 😂

crazyfitnessPWB Guest in reply to Jerry

Oh you sure have a way with words Jerry, don't stop, I love it😉


Hi Jerry

Your baked potato with veggies looks very comforting for this cold weather. I bet it was delicious!

Zest :-)

JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Hey thanks Zest you can't beat a baked potato. 😊

Hi Jerry sorry only just seen this looks really nice and I'm hungry for that meal now I love spinache have you tried the frozen cubed from freezer shop, I get them more than fresh as a bag just boils to nothing and yes I love green food lol I guess it's like nature so good for us, and really gives a nice colour to the plate I love bright garden peas mushy peas green beans and the green concoctions you do hope your having a nice day I'm still in upstairs but not sitting here as long as yesterday that's for sure 😊🌄🐆will tho he was in a argument with a cat easier but he is ok eat loads when came in 😁🙀😸oh do you put butter on 😋

JerryAdministrator in reply to Curly1_

Awe thanks Mandy and I did use frozen spinach. 😊

Curly1_ in reply to Jerry

Oh good I had to peel last potato so cooked in microwave just now and frying it with egg can't believe I'm on here chatting to people and cooking best go lol take care 😁

Hello jerry this looks like jwaz ❤️ Which is very popular in algeria😊

JerryAdministrator in reply to Hb2003

Hey you’ve made my day Hiba I’ve never had jawz before. 😊

Hb2003 in reply to Jerry

it’s really good and easy to make I always looks forward to your posts wanted to thank you for being kind and caring ☮️👍🏻

Hb2003 in reply to Jerry

Jwaz is stew

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