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New Here and looking to discuss Long Term PTSD

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I am obviously new to this forum and would like to connect with others, especially women, who have been living with and have been treated for PTSD and depression. I won't go into my whole sordid story, but it involves early childhood trauma, alcoholism, sexual and physical abuse, a lifetime of bad relationships, deaths, and a whole lot of work and healing. This pandemic has me treading water a little, and I feel the need to connect. My partner does not really understand my condition, and how it makes my brain work sometimes. He hinted that if I went back to counseling that I could somehow change things that I consider to be part of me, and not all that much of a problem. He may be right about the counseling, but I do me, and I really do need more social contact with people who understand. Lately I seem stuck and I believe it has to do with some early or prenatal trauma. I seem to have been very good at people pleasing before I was two. My Mother was killed in a car crash when I was 14, so yes there will be some unresolved issues, I am sure. Any thoughts or discussion is welcomed. May you have a blessed day.

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Welcome, 33Blessings.

I have trauma from childhood too.

I am sorry that your partner doesn't understand, I think it is hard to understand but there are informative books on the subject.

Having a therapist can really make a difference but I hear you about social contact. It's important for me too.

With covid, it's harder to meet in person which makes it so challenging for anyone already struggling.

I'm sending you virtual support...

Wow I could have written the words you wrote myself. I understand and I am sure many more here do too. I will share more but I am off to go get blood work. Yay me lol

You are in a good place to talk

I've been suffering from PTSD since the lost of my aunt unexpectedly and I've been experiencing so much anxiety and depression and I'm sorry everything that your going through and I'm here for you we all will get through this time.

Welcome, I am not a lady but I lived through a lot of the things to shared.

Both my parents were alcoholics and then they split up when I was 9. They then had alcoholic families of their own that my brother and I bounced between. Lots of crazy things happens when all the adults were drunk most of the time.

My mom died of alcoholism but my Dad sobered up and is now someone I can talk to and get some reality checks.

My PTSD has followed me after I left the home. Therapy helped. Support groups helped. People here help.

I welcome you to the group. Especially right now it is helpful to be among people who are trying to get better. There are so many people who are not.

Anyway, welcome


Anyone have trouble expressing their anger??? I am doing some work on this underlying resentment. Almost have a grip on what I am not responsible for, and I am hoping to be able to lay it to rest. I'm thinking I might have to go back to nature and have a Viking burial or some such thing. LOL Today I can compartmentalize in a good way, and stop owning things that really are not mine to keep. Blessings to All!

Welcome. If I can help, I will..

Cheers, Midori

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Welcome to this group, 33Blessings. I have had trouble expressing my anger, and for a while, I used techniques like pounding a pillow. It didn't really help change anything. But in therapy, I found that the anger stemmed from resentment towards my parents because of the neglect and abuse my brother and I suffered from them. Since my parents died a long time ago, I can't express all that resentment to them, and I realized that holding on to the resentment was keeping me attached to them and was damaging to my mental health. Very slowly and gradually, I developed compassion towards them because of their own abuse history and self-compassion for myself for the same reason. It's been a long, incredibly difficult journey, but developing self-compassion is so much better than feeling the anger and resentment.

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