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Our food & mental health - Proof now



There is now scientific proof that our immune system is mainly in our Gut. This article explains some of it.

I hover between the Thyroid forum and this PTSD forum on HU. I was apparently on the correct medication & dosage for my low thyroid, but I was left with PTSD, which I think was caused from all the decades of trauma, suicidal thoughts, near homelessness, my son on drugs etc etc.

I banished the PTSD symptoms by doing the AIP (auto immune paleo) diet.


Today, I do have some flashbacks due to about three horrible situations re-appearing in my life. But mainly I'm so so much better. I only followed the AIP diet for around 6 weeks.

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Great post. Thanks for raising :)

If I only help one or two PTSD sufferers, I will be happy x

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