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Does anyone know how to get the VA to refer to a hypnotherapist? I have been trying for years, and they just give me this condescending, pitying look and try to shove more pharmaceuticals down my throat while asking me to repeat the same crap I have been telling them since 1991. Reliving it does NOT help. Talking about it is just that, talking. Makes me cry like an idiot, makes me feel weak and helpless, makes me feel anything but better. CBT and talk therapy is not for everyone. Anti-depressants make me have suicidal thoughts. Anti-anxiety meds make me more anxious because they give me the runs so bad I'm afraid to pass gas... PLUS the anxiety caused by my PTSD. I wish the VA gave a single solitary damn about what we know works for us as individuals. They should listen to us and take our input into consideration and action. WE know what's best for ourselves, we know what works, and since they have failed miserably at getting into our heads, the least they could do is listen when we willingly allow them in.

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I do not know how to get the VA to do anything. My girlfriends son fights the VA all the time. They both just keep hampering on them until they just say ok to shut them up. It takes a long time though. I support you being a squeaky wheel.

I have had some good results from hypnotherapy. My therapy was not hypnosis but true hypnotherapy. More of a deep relaxation and doing my best to stay out of my head and In my emotions or gut.

I had a break through by visualizing what my divorce looked like and felt like. It sounds strange but after seeing the symbol of a black shinny wall that was blocking me from moving forward in my life. I was able to get past the blockage and work more on the PTSD stuff. The power I gave to the divorce depleted after that hypnotherapy session. I recommend giving it a try if you can swing it. It has not fixed everything but it is a good tool.

Good luck getting your needs met at the VA.

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Wow... That really helps! Thanks! I learned something new... The difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I will try the visualization. Thanks for your suggestions and support. Wishing you much success and peace in your life.


Buckeyemama I remember when you posted about needing to think outside the box. The VA is known for being slow and not well resourced. Maybe you could consider, instead of giving your energy to how they fail, you instead invest in finding therapy that works for you. I mean YES the government f**king owes it to you to help you. F**k yeah (are we allowed to swear on this site?). AND yet it's your life, and can you afford to wait for them to improve? Or can you explore getting private therapy that can help you now? So that you can have more strength to help the VA change later on if you still wish it? Ah. It's just my two cents.

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