Just diagnosed with ADHD always new I had it. Now I have NO IDEA what to do. Overwhelmed!

The more mental illnesses I add to my "brain affliction list" the more I get confused which symptoms are coming from where. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety, PTSD and now ADHD! I also get the added bonus of having gender dysphoria from being trans and also having to face discrimination almost every day. So yeah I'm always thinking! It feels good to shut off my thoughts, but I can't often do it for long b/c of feeling uncomfortable. However it does get more comforable every time! I am trying to re-wire my brain by consciously shifting my focus to newer and more empowering things but some days are hard and it takes time and I'm still drinking and smoking and eating food I shouldn't. It does help to write it out though and hope someone is listening.

So anyway, with the ADHD, it think it may be another huge step for me to find a way to deal with those symptoms! I'm not really into pharma but may try it as a last resort. I take St. John's Wort and it works and I was comfortable with that b/c you don't need a prescription but it works just like an SSRI would, and even better according to some studies I can't remember now lol.

I have also had head trauma in the past from falling when I was drunk or passing out from heat exhaustion. Ug I just feel so fucked up and I'm having a moment of slight panic and I just want it to go away. Listened to binaural beats for a while and that helped but maybe I need more water or somethin.

uuugggggggggggg. Please share help ADHD related things please and thank you.

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  • Hi transpower,

    There are times when an online forum is not the best resource available - there are limitations. Sometimes the feedback of people on a forum can be well intentioned, but not be helpful, given that we don't know your full situation. 

    It sounds like you're in a really difficult place. It may be your best option is to quickly find someone you can talk to. We have posted a list of crisis hotlines, if those might help.

    The main thing that helps me when I'm in a very anxious state is not to try to out think my symptoms and issues on my own. It sounds like it might be time for you to interact with a mental health professional who can better assess your current situation, and recommend options.

    Thinking positive thoughts for you!


  • hello,

    i'm also diagnosed with adhd and ptsd. if you have any concrete questions about adhd and function i can share my experience with you.

    ADHD has a lot to do with how you organize your thoughts, your environment and your actions as well as being distracted and have trouble keeping up with long or boring tasks.

    i'm sure there's a connection between your diagnoses but it is very personal.

    google adult adhd - you will find a lot of information.

    I also agree with Dan that it is recommended to talk  to a professional about your situation.

    good luck


  • I'm so sorry to hear-  know you're not alone.  Everyone says that and it doesn't much help, I know.   But, just relax and distract yourself any and every way imagineable.   Your brain is hyper connecting as if it were electricity-  it'll subside.  Breathing is good...   Centering... Thinking of a favorite thing....   (don't think of a person- people tend to not NOT like that, and won't understand as they make it about themselves...)   

    You know how they say struggling makes things worse or like my dad- force it and it'll break-  same thing.  

    But, back to you're not alone...   communication is the best.  Go to an AA meeting and be what they ask, have the desire not to drink...  comraderie and being out of your head- external stimuli snd you'll be find.  

    The worse thing would be you'd gain a few new people to rely on- not a bass days work. 

    I can only imagine the trans-issue- it takes courage to be authentic.  I know millionaire/billionaires who don't live their true self and aren't happy.  You are authentic and be.  

    I didn't say be proud because that is still seeking external approval.  You don't have it-  you're more than most will ever be.  

    A day at a time and soon you'll have a lot of happy days..  We are our worst enemies and when your happy you're not self sabatoging. 

    Best to you,


  • Damn fat fingers.  And auto-correct...  

  • Dear Transpower,

    My son has ADHD and I have been reading, researching and trying different modalities to help him since he was 8. There are A LOT of books out there, but the one I would start with is Dr Amen's book about the 7 types of ADHD. This book helped us so much. Not all ADHD looks the same! There are easy questionnaires in this book and we recognized our son immediately! 


    Once we understood the type of ADHD he had it was much easier to focus treatment, whether it be medical, lifestyle, diet, or best of all for us, a combination.

    Find yourself a doc who has experience with ADHD. Ask everyone you know for recommendations. It's too hard to navigate this alone. You will want a knowledgable, caring professional in your corner.

    Best of luck to you. ADHD is a challenge but also a gift in many ways. Understanding and navigating it are the keys.

  • Hi I'm autistic and trans along with my cptsd. I have recently been awarded emdr therapy on the nhs after 25 years of fighting for it.

    I find being off gluten and dairy can help me concentrate. Taking omega 3s can help with adhd as well.

    Feel free to message me regarding the trans stuff. I'm finding my gic to be very supportive if my cptsd as well as my gender. Just had top surgery.

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