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Locking post changes????

I am confused about the changes to locking posts and I wandered if anyone has a solution. Before I had two choices when I posted a new post. Everyone and only the Health Unlocked Community 

Now I only see everyone and only followers in my community. I only have 6 people who are followers of my posts. A majority of people on the Health Unlocked Community does not follow my posts and I would like to get their feedback on my posts as well. I also would like to view others on the Health Unlocked Community as well that I do not follow. I do not want my posts to be broadcasted to everyone in the world either. So I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions??

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I'll mention this to HU tech support, Degn8er. The options are the same, it's just that the wording is confusing. "Followers in my community" would better be phrased as "People in my community."

Followup - I posted about this in forum for HU admins, and someone else said they had brought up the same issue of the confusion. We're waiting to hear more from tech support.

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