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According to BBC News OnLine article, “BULLIED WORKERS SUFFER BATTLE STRESS” research conducted by leading psychologist Dr. Noreen Tehrani suggests that bullied workers go through the very same emotions and stresses as battle-scarred troopers. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/busines...

In a study of 165 professionals in the caring sector, Dr Tehrani found that 36% of the men and 42% of the women had experienced bullying. Overall, one in five exhibited the main symptoms of PTSD, such as hyper-vigilance, re-experiencing the trauma, and avoiding re-traumatization.

Bullying has been found to be particularly prevalent in the police, prison service, teaching and healthcare professions. Early signs of workplace bullying are sickness and absenteeism, an expensive problem compounded by the stigmatization of PTSD and the resulting avoidance of treatment.

To help reduce stigmatization, the website has compiled statistics about PTSD among war veterans, emergency responders, battered/raped women, and victims of childhood abuse.

Do you know someone who is suffering the effects of workplace bullying? If so, please help them to safely reprocess their traumatic memories while avoiding the stigmatization of PTSD. Just take a minute to share this article with them, either directly or via social media.

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Fear of bullying in the professional world is what has kept me out of the sphere for a long time and made me opt for self-employment.

Sad fact, yet true.

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YES! I thought I wouldn't have to worry about bullying once I became an adult but it still happened. When I worked at an orthodontic office, some of the other women there were horrible to me. It was like high school. I wasn't bullied in grad school but it happened there too! Unbelievable. Thanks for posting this.


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