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Neck and shoulder are ok now!

I took Ibuprofen and then the next day I took it again, 3 pills of 800 mg each and stayed in bed all day. I tried to imagine that the ptsd which might be causing the pain - or whatever was causing it - was draining slowly out of my neck and shoulder, kind of like sand, for several hours. That night, I noticed no pain. It was gone.

What's next? I will try again tomorrow to function normally, at least for a while. Will try to take trash out. May have to put at least some of it in back of my car, there is so much of it! Then I can drive it a few yards to the trash bin. I will also have to make several trips to get all of the trash, in big garbage bags, out of my house in my big basket on wheels. Blessed big basket!

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I like that visualization you mentioned. I will have to try that.


Hope it works! I honestly don't know if it was that or if it was the visualization that worked - or maybe both. I was just very determined to rid myself of it. I was really surprised that the pain was finally gone.

I first heard of this type of visualization being used by people with cancer.

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