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Can't believe it!!

Was in therapy for ptsd for many years, helping me a lot with work situations, but the last year I wanted to end it did it abruptly and she was not too pleasant and I ended coming down with bipolar reaction, no sleep, can't sleep. I am back to 80 % but feel the whole thing was a trauma. Psychiatrist thinks I have bipolar and I did have two clinical depressions- one when I was 25 and 35 but actually pretty good beside Ptsd which affected my life but not so much. I am 57 now and this bipolar reaction has made me insecure. What does the Pstd community say about bipolar. what does Michele Rosenthal say about it?

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I think if you are bipolar that is a separate issue from ptsd. I also think bipolar is a very popular diagnosis at present, it seems to be used by psychiatrists as a catch all diagnosis. That is not to say you are or are not bi polar, its just based on what I've noticed recently. Maybe you need to see a second doctor to get another opinion.

If you are bipolar there is no reason why you cant have ptsd as well, but ptsd will not cause bi polar. Bp is something that is part of your makeup, often it is not an issue but is diagnosed when you have a crisis, while ptsd is a reaction to what life has thrown at you.

I'm glad you are feeling a lot better, that is the important thing not what labels they put on it


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