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So braved it and took a rare trip out with hubby to the Council Offices. He loves to save money and he read on the internet because I was registered "disabled" on an enhanced level I could get a free bus pass. The woman at the council office read my whole assessment and said. You can't have a bus pass because you do not have a disability. Why don't you drive? Hubby started to explain to her about triggers and hyper-vigilance. I stopped him and said never mind. Put my shaky hand out for my papers. Let's face it (the woman said) You got here so there is nothing wrong with you. I had to walk out left hubby in there getting the papers together. There was no way that ignorant bitch was going to see me crash. I didn't even want the f***ing bus pass. Anyone else feel invisible. Also been told self harm is attention seeking behaviour. My hubby Lee is a hard working manual labourer always says I am way too brainy for my own good. But he is so clued up about PTSD and adorably understanding. I haven't asked him yet what he said to the woman when I left but his face was a bright red and it always does that when he is angry. :(

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And another thing. She said well what is wrong with you - is it a learning disability - after making me stand there whilst she read my whole assessment. Sorry I know I'm going on. Hubby is at work I am sitting here venting. Feel like finding her telling her a few home truths.


Complain. Every council has codes of behaviour for employees. You may not get the bus pass because for some things a disability has to be a condition that is not treatable and curable. Its a minefield of legislation but her attitude is unforgivable. Hubby can complain on your behalf and by complaining u will be protecting those who do not have a rock to support them like your hubby.

Hope you get over it soon.


Hi G, I didn't even want the darn thing. I use the bus for long journeys for those never ending assessments will also use them for therapy when the sessions start. I worked for the government. I am sure Local Authorities are given training. The annoying thing is I had four reasonably good days up to that point. How are you. How's the bunting. :)


The bunting is multiplying! In fact I do wonder if I turn off the lights whether it is breeding and reproducing.

I understand how frustrated you feel, when things like that happen it sets you right back. All I can say is in the future when you start to get better the gaps between the bad days get longer and eventually you will get good weeks.

My world has gone t#ts up and I'm feeling a bit shell shocked. Seems that some people cant let sleeping dogs lie so work is going to be very uncomfortable for a while.

Other than that my life consists of wedding prep mixed with a strange sort of numb anxiety. I just keep reminding myself that 12 or 18 months ago I would have been a basket case.


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