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New job

After some "supportive" bullying..I.e" I know we can't expect you to manage because of your mental health issues "and a warning for a minor issue that showed they are looking for a way to get me out

I have handed in my notice and start my new job next week. The new job is aware of everything but have said they admire my work and know I am perfect for the job...

So after 15 years at my current job I am starting again dragging my PTSD, depression and anxiety along behind me to start a completely different version of my job...

Tomorrow I have a little chat with my boss planned so am going to work equipped with change of clothes tooth paste perfume ect as I know I'm gonna be throwing up lots must make sure to have something for breakfast that doesn't stain.... wish me luck xx

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Well done Sue! That took some doing and it shows how strong you can be. It's a good change for you and a new beginning. Take lots of deep breaths tomorrow. Loads of good luck! xxx


Best of luck. I am wishing for a fresh start and supportive environment for you.


Sue, I wish you luck, you have been so brave to find another job, and obviously have your act together to get through interviews and selection processes. I amnot as far down the line as you, I am getting bullied at work and it's being made clear that my manager wants me out but I'm just starting to look for work elsewhere. The fact you have done it will be an inspiration to me.

If you can when you chat to your boss make sure he is aware that you know he intended to get rid of you. If he says unkind things let them wash over you, some people have to have the final word in any argument regardless of whether they have already won or not. You are the winner here they did not destroy you, you were strong enough to get out and talented enough to be wanted and appreciated elsewhere. In fact your current employer has lost a valuable resource because of their narrow mindedness.

If you feel sick try deep breathing before you reach the point where you throw up. Really your current boss is irrelevant now, you don't need to get scared he is just part of an unpleasant experience that is now in your past.

Stay strong, and I will look forward to hearing how it goes. I will also take inspiration from the fact that you have been able to sort out your employment despite a bully and get on with trying to sort out mine!


Good Luck :) x


You sound organized. Throw up, get changed & move forward. I applaud you for getting through the interview process. Seems like the worst is behind you. Yes, the meeting & starting at a new place will be stressful but it sounds like you are definitely in a better place than you were. Let us know how it went. We're all here to support you.


Thank you all,

I applied for a job when I was angry about being given a warning for something I definately didn't deserve (I have been in my job for 15 years) never before having written a CV I wrote it and sent it straight out (no over thinking allowed)...I applied for three jobs and received three interviews which I attended with a "I'm going to do this for interview experience attitude" and was offered the first job..shocked? I made the poor lady on the phone to repeat it three times

Maybe I had become over qualified over the years while hiding away fighting my demons ..some say I undervalued myself..well of course I do that's the nature of my illness...

but my rule for myself nowerdays is to try new things if they don't work out I reward myself anyway for trying. because the more I try the more I succeed.

Today was a bit of a let down. I didn't get to speak to my boss so the spare clothes are being left in my car just in case I see them tomorrow, but I was informed unoffically that they are very shocked I am leaving, it leaves them in a bit of a mess...shame :)


Well done! Isn't it lovely when you get to see Karma come to call


Karma kicks butt..saw my boss today and ..did nothing, I decided that I don't need to put myself through the stress so I refused the meeting saying I was too busy clearing out my stuff, there is nothing they can say to me that would help me, so not doing it..felt a little like a toddler tantrum but as my dads not bigger than their dad it was all I could manage :) ..

a very happy proud Sue


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