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I need to vent

So...I have been having some problems. I am kind of thinking I might have tmj. It could be a variety of things of course, but the symptoms point to it. I am so tired of the damn earaches, the headaches, the sinus pressure and my teeth hurting. It seems like when I stop thinking about things all these symptoms go away. I guess I don't know what to do anymore. Nothing is working and I am tired of being in pain. Sigh...

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I have TMJ as well, caused by having braces as a teenager. My insurance won't cover anything, except for a mouthguard. My problem is I clench my teeth during the day. I had a guard made but it was SO big! I could have played football with it. Couldn't talk with it in. I wore it once. I was thinking it would be more like the invisible braces they have now a days. So I too have the ear aches, headaches, popping jaw, and occasionally it locks for a moment. I try and be conscience of when I am doing it during the day. It's rough, and I feel for you. Best of luck finding a solution to it.


I get the jaw popping too. I probably clench my jaw as well and don't even realize it. I am totally fine in the morning and then things get worse. I need to do something, I can't exactly go to the doc as my medical insurance stinks but I do have a dentist appt next month so I was thinking about asking then.


That is who I got mine through, is my dentist.


There is a very good book I'm reading called 'the body keeps the score' it's well worth reading as many illnesses come after trauma. My daughter has TMJ and I know how bad that is and how she suffers with it.


I've got TMJ on and off.

If my thyroid is off it's bad too. I've got hypothyroidism and it's been up and down for years, never stable due to repeated subacute thyroiditis. Recently my TMJ worsened due to the worsening hypothyroidism. No fun.

Mine is also due to clenching my teeth. I used to do this all the time as a child because of the horrible nightmares I'd have. Years ago a dentist recommended a mouth guard. I thought the problem would go away because my nightmares had gotten better. I was wrong. The mouth guard would've been a good idea.


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