I've heard from a few people, whether it be from this forum or others, that it gets better. Yet, I feel like a yo-yo. Either in panick mode or depression mode. And there seems like an un-endless supply of triggers that I bullet daily. Meds work for a while, then leave me with more questions. Functioning is getting harder and harder. I can handle the flashbacks but the body memories have a mind of their own. I need to function. What are some healthy options that could help, so that I can stay more grounded?

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  • Being Mindful helped me - just being still and focussing on little things like clouds in the sky or birds flying - taking time to appreciate something good after all the trauma helped ground me. I'd also light a candle to say a prayer then watch the flame flicker.

  • I use relaxation CD's and quiet. I just lay back and listen quietly helps me settle down and get over things. When I am on a yo-yo it settles me down

  • Do you have a regular spiritual practice? Prayer, meditation, service, community, music, ceremony and meaning... these connect us with a place of peace. Making art about what you're experiencing can often provide a steam-valve for those things you have no words for. Dance is a great discharger of an over-abundance of energy, and can also elevate your happy-hormones. And, of course, walking barefoot in the grass physically connects you with Mother Earth and stimulates the soles of your feet. You can do this! Keep on keeping on...

  • I can understand where you are coming from. I found seeing a counsellor who practised Schema Therapy helped me, I still see her when I need to, when things are falling apart. The book 'Reinventing Your Life' by Young, Jeffrey E. is used in Schema Therapy.

  • repressed traumas only go away for When I get emotional. Meds don't help me. I am tired of trying to heal my mental illness. I want to purge the trauma from my mind wherever the emotions are hidden. I don't want to manage it.

  • Seriphos helps me sleep at night. A supplement that calms my pituitary gland at night so my adrenal surges don't wake me up several times at night. It works for 3 months before needing to take a break for a while. Then I can take it again for 3 more months.

  • .im reading a book called...the body keeps the score. It's about the body having memory of trauma. I also have pain very deep in woman's area. I Won't say what it's like for fear of triggering but it's enough to cause great distress and pain where I need to breathe it through often times sitting wherever I am if there is no seating I head for the toilets and sit until it eases off a little. It makes sense as the mind and body are connected.

  • i find table games in a safe social environment helps. the commitment level isn't too high and the game becomes a nice structure to relax with. community centers. i have lunch at the seniors' center cafateria. it's company without unrealistic pressures. often this gets my mind off the anxieties. temporary but efficient.

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