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Hi all its been a better day for me today, as I mentioned in my last post the past couple of day had been difficult. But today started well, I had the morning to myself. Way back when I was well I always enjoyed having some time to myself. I always called my recharge time, then I could get back to the busy pace of work and social life. Now thats dramatically changed and the added pressure of balancing my bi and my partners. A bit of me time is very welcome.

I managed to achieve a few tasks and took a couple of productive calls from my care coordinator and my therapist (god I've waited 7yrs to say that I have people helping me) I've been in no man's land for such a long time.

Anyway I'm waffling my brain is now battling with its self. I am not tired, there's not much to watch on television or dvd. I am now debating whether to do some baking, which I have been known to do at night, or ignore my head and just relax :-?

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  • Mm ? baking or relax ?? ..................depends on how badly you're wanting the cookies !

    Glad it's been a better day for you Angie (and how precious is a bit of 'Me' time). xx

  • It is really precious to have some me time, I don't get much of it. Although my partner has got a couple of meetings with the carers group he is with (as he's my offical carer, and I'm unofficially his). I wouldn't eat an cake I never do, I can't handle anything sugary. If I did any baking it would be for my two elderly neighbours x

    How's your day been Cat xx

  • Really busy today. I had my steroid shot recently and, though it sometimes doesn't, it worked really well this time. So, as the sun showed its face for once, I decided to prune 15ft off my neighbour's tree ; something I've been promising to do for ages.

    They're the loveliest couple (more like family) and we always look out for each other, so it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with them ; and it's a big job out of the way. Next job is cutting up the mountain of branches and borrowing several of the neighbour's green bins to get it off for recycling.

    Showered and rested now and watching 'Question Time'. :-)

    Night night m'love !! xxx

  • Hi Angie good to read your post and about your positive day. I hope they continue. Rachel xxx

  • Morning Rachel thank, I hope you have a good day too xx

  • All I can say is that every day gets better and every week gets even better and every year.

    I fully understand what you are going through . I had a SAH 2 years ago and my social life has completely changed. I do many things that I enjoy and hobbies that I used to do but then didn't have time for. This makes me happy and feel very relaxed. This then reflects on those around me.

    I believe that you need to just do things for yourself and whatever makes you feel good but always be mindful of how much your body can take and you don't want to burn yourself out .

    Happy Friday ! Please see my post for today :


  • I have always found baking very therapeutic!

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