Today I'm having a better day!

Yesterday I phoned for a taxi to collect me this morning at 9.30. It came late and I thought Id said the wrong time, , but no it arrived. I asked to go the supermarket to do some shopping, but the thought of eating properly still escapes me so although I bought some things for the house, and did buy fruit, bread, milk, cereal, biscuits and some microwave meals so at least I will eat something at some point. I got very confused in the shop and the lights were too bright - but I did it, stayed there in the queue although I felt leaving the trolley and walking away!

When the taxi brought me home after, I put the shopping away made a coffee and sat outside in the sunshine to drink I think that helped as well. 1st time for days we've had sun as had the strong winds and lots of rain here as well. Afterwards I tidied the unpacked boxes I still have in my kitchen/diner/lounge, swept the floor and vacuumed the rug. I had the TV on for some verbal company and have now at 4pm just made myself a cup of tea and had a biscuit with it while I put the computer on. For me today has been a lot of progress after the last 6 weeks since the car accident and not feeling confused and disoriented so much now as I was this morning. I see the Doctor on Tuesday and will take the information that Gordon had posted on here for me, and hope to find the proper help and rehabilitation I need over here. I know its early days again, especially because I had been feeling so positive about my move in November, _ months after my BI, but I hope today may be a step in the right direction again.

I have a film on tv called the Family Man on CH5* - its like he (Nicholas Cage) is living in a parallel universe and I can relate to his confusion about what is happening to him.

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  • Well done girl ! It looks like you meant business today and I'll bet you have a great sense of achievement (& maybe exhaustion) this evening. It takes guts to overturn such low spirits and it makes me smile to read about it.

    Don't burn yourself out though; I tend to aim for an achievable task daily after a 'down' period and try to build on it ..........looks like you've come out 'guns blazing' so pace yourself.

    Have you noted down all issues for doctor on tues ? xx

  • thanks Cat, yes I realise I ought to pace myself now and spend less time on computer perhaps, so must learn to sit and relax as well. Yes issues written ready to print off for Tues x x

  • Hello Sambs, I can identify with a lot of your feelings and sensations. I too have often felt that things were too much and just walking away from the situation. What got me through was the fact that I was doing chores that needed to be done and no one was going to do it for me. There's also a lot of self pride involved. I too got really confused during busy times, so now do my shopping early in the morning before too many people get in the store. It's also important to write everything down. And I have had to get my glasses tinted to cut down on the glare. I worked in "cab" firms all my life, so know the way that business is done. You have to write down the time you booked your cab for and if that particular firm have a problem with punctuality and they don't phone you to let you know they are running late, then use another firm.

  • Hello phil good idea about the tinted glasses for indoors in shops. I already had 2 new lots of glasses last year and no w my nearsight is worse since car accident, blurry vision etc., so when I see doctor will ask for prescrption to see Opthalmologist (thats the way things work over here and won't have to pay to se him as I'm already covered for 100 % health costs relative to BI issues, even transport to see neurosurgeon for 6mth check, before I moved but drove myself to new home before accident. New glasses cost an arm and leg though). Yes I do have a diary but didn't think to put taxi in it, I must remember for all future appts with who ever. Doc is in there but didn't think i'd forget taxi time so yes things can suddenly change can't they?

  • A good day indeed. Here's to many more.

    C x

  • thanks C, x

  • Hi Sambs, I think routine is important too, having a goal for the day helps, so part of my new year regime is to make a list each day of what I want to achieve, being realistic too of course and putting rest times in there. I need to increase my exercise levels coz my cholesterol is creeping up, diet changes haven't helped so the problem of how to exercise when your balance is shot is a difficult one, I can swim ok but I've got to get to and from the pool and I can't taxi every day, when the weather improves I'll combine it with walking, but a 2 mile walk and a swim will wipe me out for the day, soooo difficult.

    There's so much to do at home too, decorating and the like, nothing's been done since I was ill and now I'm not earning it gets more difficult to pay for things, vicious circle.

    Glad things are looking up for you, keep up the momentum, I'm right behind you, Love Janet xxxx

  • Hi Janet, its getting easier I hope now the stress of everything is going, and yes you are right, set goals for the day, not too many at once for me yet, I know that I'm at the stage of having been sitting thinking about what I should do, but lacking the motivation and will power until last Thursday when I phoned to see Doctor, and then Friday fr the taxi to go out yesterday. Today I ave done more re-organising indoors and have Tuesday to look forward to already, so its all just starting to come together; Love Shirley xxx

  • Wonderful, so good to hear things are getting better, it takes such a long time to come to terms with things and accept the new life doesn't it? I don't think I ever really will but it won't be for the lack of trying, I've had such a busy Xmas and new year, I'm really looking forward to some normality and routine, so roll on tomorrow, best wishes Janetxxxxx

  • that,s great news about Xmas and New Year Year. Know what you mean about coming to terms with things, my BI and car accident upset and affected me more than my marriage breakup. I just want the 'real me' back; friendly happy and sociable, so hope I,ll be saying same as you next Xmas and NY. Have a good day tomorrow. xx

  • God luck for tomorrow Shirley............don't forget your notes ! xx

  • thanx, already written myself a reminder, to remind me to take my notes and med file - we get to keep our own here, incl x-rays and brain scans on DVD's but cant play those on my comp though! Tues 3pm is D-Day xx

  • Honestly my memory is shocking......thought it was Monday Tuesday tomorrow in my world !!

    So good luck for Tues. xx

  • he he - it is Monday here now as its gone 1 x thanx for good luck mssg .

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