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Lack of motivation

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So after 40 days after my brain injury i'm back to work light duty is my worst day since after the accident, i'm in a low mood, and since part my job requires me to give life style coaching sessions, I barely feel motivated myself to be able to motivate others. I spent my whole day in bed and i dont feel like talking or seeing anyone, because it's annoying how others dont understand what im going throughand they keep telling me it just in my head ( well not literaly).

Is it just in my head? I dont feel like i'm me! I've always been the energitic, optimistic friend and I'm always a planner.

What should I do?

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You should rest Ndanya. 40 days just isn't enough time for recovery from brain injury. At the 40 day point I was still hospitalised and struggling to stand ; I fell immediately I tried and was told it was too soon be standing unaided.

If you are desperate to sleep, then that's what you need to do, until you have weaned yourself gradually back into gentle activity. It's laudable that you're attempting a return to work but your progress will only be hindered by trying to rush your recovery when neither brain and body have neither the will nor the strength.

You need to take many steps back to the beginning and start taking care of yourself so that your brain can rest and heal properly.

Cat x

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Ndanya in reply to cat3

But I feel bad! Because my supervisor is quite supportive she even suggested I see a neuropsychologist if I need to talk to someone and that i can take my time in going back to what I usually do we just had this talk earlier today, i felt a little bit better..

You think its a good idea to take to a psychologist?

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cat3 in reply to Ndanya

Oh definitely. Take every type of therapy that's offered and, so long as you can take things at your own pace and feel it's what you want to do (rather than what you OUGHT to do) then you should be ok just 'tinkering around the edges'.

But If you don't rest whenever your brain & body are calling for it, then you're possibly doing serious harm to your recovery. So please listen to what your body tells you and take great care for the next few months at least.

I still think it's too soon though. And although your loyalty is a credit to you, nothing is worth risking your health for.

Maybe you could reschedule your return to work for a few months on and see your GP about an extension on sick leave ?

Best wishes Cat x

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Ndanya in reply to cat3

Thank you

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Jennaberri in reply to Ndanya

Yes see a Neuro psychologist, mine helped me immensely

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Ndanya in reply to Jennaberri

I'm planning to do so next week ..everyone suggested I shpuld even my own supervisor

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Jennaberri in reply to cat3

Same here, I was still in hospital at 40 days. I didn't go back to work for 7 months and I started on 4 hours a week. I'm now 10 months after brain injury and just starting 30 hours a week.

You must rest, fatigue is the last thing to fade. I'm still suffering with it to an extent.

I suffered terrible depression, anxiety , fatigue and no motivation for months. It's only in the past month I've started to feel like me again.

Give yourself time to heal fully, don't put yourself under to much pressure to fully recover, it will make the process longer.

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Ndanya in reply to Jennaberri

Whats making things harder are some people around me who just keep saying that its all in my head because i honestly dont feel myself at most times..

Thanks for your reply

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Jennaberri in reply to Ndanya

Well, don't want this to sound wrong, but it is all in your head. You head and brain hasbeen injured and is trying to heal itself. The wiring will be altered, your hormones will be all over the place, again because of the head injury. I have only just started to feel more like myself and my brain injury was last October. Recovery from a brain injury can take years. Go back to your doc, tell him how you're feeling and that you need more time to recover xx

Wow you are doing very well getting to work so soon. Maybe you still need time to adjust? Realising things are not quite right can set you back, I tried and felt like an alien, I was in the right place with the right people but I really struggled to keep up with the speed of conversation never mind the actual work.

It was around then I was put on anti depressants. I went through a few of them over the years. Maybe see the doctor sooner rather than leaving it ?

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Ndanya in reply to Danslatete

My GP gave me only 40 days sick leave, i saw him yesterday after my CT scan, I wasnt feeling low at that time it was later during the day.

I seriously havent felt like this before in my life.. Would work worsen the situation? Shall I ask him to give more days to rest? Work has been very cooperative with me so far they told me to take my time and just try do some office work

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Danslatete in reply to Ndanya

When I started to work properly I did it very gradually an hour each day in the first week floored me, but buy third week I was doing more and at the end of second month I was doing 5 hrs a day.

You do have to listen to your body, or brain. If it tires you out then you need to sleep.

I would see the neuropsychologist if you can. They are very very helpful.

Hi hope you are feeling better in yourself

I agree with other writer's that you may have tried to go back to work too early ( I understand their may be financial pressures ) I believe that i had at least 3 months R&R before I was sent back to school (literally sent back) can't remember much about School but it didn't do me much good from what I can gather School just made me worse

Have you discussed work with your GP

Sounds like it might be a touch too early, I wasn't far off that, but I went to 6hrs a week which I found exhausting, luckily work was good and the disgustingly young co workers tended to keep a very close eye on me, took them a while before I could make a cup of tea with out being helped...

I have found that each increase is a rude shock and takes a good few weeks to adapt, each step up I go back to 12/13 hrs asleep

Like Cat, I too was still in hospital at the 40 day mark, barely aware of my surroundings, so it's difficult to comprehend how you can even be contemplating work at this point. I am 21/2 years on and know I cannot work, although everything appears ok my brain cannot multitask effectively, and I get too tired too quickly, unless an employer would let me rest for 20 mins in every hour it's a no-no. So be kind to yourself and don't get pressured into anything too soon, it can take some time before the full effects of your brain injury become apparent.

It took at least 12 months for them to listen to me about my sight problems, Janet

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