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How did I manage that?


Strange title I know but bare with me.

Had a good day today managed a short walk with a new group of bi people run by our local football club.

was sat in back of van when I was handed a club sweat shirt as they explained to the rest of the group that as I was a qualified walk leader I would be helping out and would be at the back of the group to assist anyone.

Well the sweat shirt fit and yes I did qualify a couple of years ago as a walk leader. i also vaguely remember talking to them about this. So it seems I did I do that and when eeerrrr not quite sure. I suppose it will come back to me but cant quite remember volunteering.

As it happens if I did ( and I'm sure must have) I sure am glad. Had a great time putting something not only that I had learnt since my bi but also something that I have retained. Also good to feel useful for once.

I have done voluntary work in the past but ended up frustrated when it never turned into any paid employment. Its funny how quickly you can not be needed anymore when it looks like they may be forced to pay you. This led me to abandon any form of voluntary work out of frustration at being reminded that I seemed deemed unemployable.

I think I am about to rethink this as I got more out of today myself than anybody. I have devided its very nice to feel good about yourself now and again.

As I was writing this it has reminded me that I haven't felt really useful and good about myself in a long long time. That something so simple has had such an effect has astounded me.

The fact I have done this by doing something I cant remember agreeing to is rather irronic and has truely made me think " how did I manage that". Sorry for the long post ...but I got there in the end

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Hi Paxo,

Speaking of the unexpected, I just received an email tonight of a friend request on Enceph Global website that has been accepted.Don't think I have been on there for well over a year and don't remember requesting anyone's friendship ! Not sure what to make of this.Mad moment or possible accident ? !

It seems that your accidental volunteer position is proving to be beneficial for all - it's always nice to be able to give back to others : )

As for not feeling really useful in a long while-have you not considered how useful and supportive you have been to myself and others on this site ? : )

I think that few people are truly unemployable-rather that few employers are willing to compromise their demands so they match our abilities.Angela x

paxo05 in reply to angelite

Thanks Angela

I am glad I have been helpful to you ands others on here. I forget about that as I just treat it as talking to friendsand not as being particular "useful" . Once again thanks x

Great news Paxo. Feeling useful is what makes most people tick. I did voluntary work for years and found it more rewarding than any paid employment I'd ever had.

Well done you........................and long may this healthy new attitude prevail !! xx :-/

paxo05 in reply to cat3

Thank you Cat

I am hoping this attitude continues as well x.

What a fab story. So uplifting to hear. I had a similar 'I don't recall volunteering' moment recently...but I ducked out! I hope you carry on getting such pleasure from it.

paxo05 in reply to malalatete

Thank Malalatete but dont duck out of volunteering you do get more out than you can ever put in. Maybe next time take a deep breath and go for it .

Hi Paxo

Your posts are always so positive and uplifting.

Sounds like you had an unexpectedly great day! Hope there's lots more to follow.

Hope you have some lovely things planned for the weekend

Alice xx

Hi Paxo,

Likewise I came to the same conclusion hen volunteering for THT and Headway. I gave up trying to recover my pre ABI performance and instead take satisfaction and a warm glow, in the knowledge that I'm helping charities and their service users ☺️

Your post made me smile... I am happy it proved to be such a positive experience for you.

Hi Paxo

Your post brought to mind my favourite word ever.........serendipity.

And the timing was right for you.

I guess you originally trained when you thought you were ready for it but were far from ready and now that you think you may be ready for a little stroll others see you as more capable. You were in the right place at the right time to get such a natural high and even better you can repeat it.

Good for you

Love n hugs


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