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Some good news on both my brother's and son's condition



Sending you this update from the hospital on my mobile

Have some brilliant news for you all because they has been some improvement in both my brother Eric's and my son Zac's condition this week, 3 days apart and I am pleased/over the moon about this.

Earlier today whilst at work, I got a call on my mobile from the Intensive care nurse looking after Eric, saying that "Eric has started to breath by himself and that doctors have started to wean him off the life support machine" and 3 days ago I was sat with Zac, with a close friend, when he squeezed my and my close friend's hand.

Both Eric and Zac still remain in their coma and I will keep you all updated as soon as there is more changes in either Eric's or Zac's' condition.


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Congratulations. It will be a long journey but this is hopefully the beginning. Make the most of every improvement, however small.

Keep talking to them both, let them know you are there, play music, whatever.

Lots of luck for this to be the start of their recovery.

Andy, thanks so much for this update.............really promising signs at last. You must be so, so relieved with such progress in both Eric AND Zac.

This is how recovery starts, often with an almost imperceptible sign then more & more obvious ones.

I'm hoping so much for more good news to come Andy 'til you can stop holding your breath and give a massive sigh of relief on both counts !

Please come back soon with more good news.

Masses of good wishes for you, Zac, Eric and all your family. Love Cat xx

Thanks Andy.

That is great news.

You must be so relieved that there are real signs that both Zac and Eric are beginning to find their way back to you.

Two miracles in one week! Maybe you should do the lottery😀

Please keep doing what you are doing. It is obviously helping them.

Love n hugs to you all


What brilliant news of a significant progress for both your brother and son. Coming out of a coma is a slow progression and you are likely to find it fluctuates from day to day and with only very brief windows of the glimmer of signs of lightening from the comas. You may find for the next few days that it goes back to heavy coma and no signs of improvement. It is not like it is portrayed on the soaps etc on the tv where people wake straight up from the coma and are lucid and able to have a sensible conversation. Be prepared that when your brother and son do start to be more 'wakeful' they will likely be very confused and not perhaps recognise those loved ones with them. Gradually over the next weeks hopefully they will improve but it is still likely to be one step forward then two steps back with then still sleeping for most the day and night. It is a situation of wait and see because not even the Drs will be able to say how much progress with brain recovery will be achieved and they will always give the worst scenario so anything better is great progress. When I was in a coma everyone was told I would most likely not survive or at best would be physically and mentally handicapped. But I defied the odds! I do have a frontal brain injury/dysexecutive syndrome though.

Very best wishes to all

That is fantastic news. We will keep them in our thoughts. Hope you are ok too. Love to you all xx

Thank you for the update and promising news. Always uplifting to b hear things are improving.

sending you a safe hug and keeping you all in my heart.

Best wishes

TN x

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