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32 year old brother fighting for his life after RTC



Only 2 days ago I was involved in a serious RTC, that I still do not remember because I suffered a fractured skull, that put me in the hospital overnight, I was unconscious for 20 minutes, with my youngest brother Eric aged 32, 2 years younger than me, that has left him fighting for his life in a non induced coma in Intensive care.

From what I have been told by a close friend who witnessed the accident 2 days ago told me that I was crossing the road when a car came out from no where and she, my brother and identical twin sons screamed "Andy/Dad look out!", then my brother jumped into the path of the car to push me out of the way and that was when I and my brother got knocked down. My brother took the full impact of the car.

Eric suffered a fractured skull, swelling of the brain, bleeding on and inside the brain, 2 fractures of the neck, higher and lower back. The brain injuries needed emergency surgery. Doctors have told me that if he does survive that there is a possibility of brain damage and being paralyzed.

At least my identical twin sons also understand that their uncle is in a deep sleep from hurting his head and can't wake up but will do when he is ready to, just like their youngest brother as well.

My youngest brother and son are in the same hospital and this makes it easier for me to visit them both.

This is all I need on top of my youngest son Zac aged 5 still in a coma for just over 3 months now, Thursday just gone, after a freak accident at a swimming pool, also suffering brain injuries.

Will keep you updated as soon as there is any change in either Eric's or Zac's condition.


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What a classic example of unconditional love from a brother, but what a dreadful price to pay. I'm so sorry to hear this news Andy ; you must be half crazy with worry especially on top of Zac's predicament.

It's one waiting game on top of the other and you must be wondering why ?............... and what the hell is going on. You'll stay strong because you have to, but please gather all the support you can for help in getting through this.

Sincere best wishes for an upturn in your boy's condition and for the best possible outcome for both he and Eric. Love Cat x

cat3 in reply to cat3

Please keep us updated won't you. x

What an awful set of circumstances. My heart goes out to you. Try to find a way to look after yourself too.

Sue x

Andy in the midst of all this trauma please make sure to make time to care for you.

I hope you at least have pain relief for your fracture.

We are here and will do what little we can if you want to chat or message .

Big hugs to you and all the family


All the best I'm thinking of you and the family xxxx

Oooh thats a hard old time, do remember to look after yourself as well.

Oh my goodness so so much tragedy happening for you all at the same time with your loved ones. My thoughts are with you.

Good luck to you all and hopefully the damage won't get worse (better if at all possible ). After 2 brain injuries I think if anything I came back stronger with the help of my wife , only with age and loneliness pulling me back . What I see by your post your family get plenty of love and support so with the same luck that I had it looks good . Once again good luck .

You are in my thoughts and prayers. There's nothing God cannot do. He is the ocean divider. Run to Him and you will not regret it because He is too faithful to fail. Be strong

Andy, just a note to say I'm thinking of you and yours, and hoping upon hope that all three of you are headed for recovery, and way beyond.

Love Cat x


Thankyou all for your very kind words and thoughts, especially Randomphantoms, who contacted headway for me, who have been in contact with me by private emails 2 days ago, as I feel I need extra support.

You are right Cat3 it is unconditional by my brother a week ago today because if he hadn't jumped into the path of the car and pushed me out of the car's path, I might not be alive today. I have started to remember the accident. Yes I am half crazy with worry especially on top of my son Zac's predicament and wondering why it is one waiting game on top of each other!

Also I have been taking painrelief prescriped by my GP 5 days ago for my fractured skull, I suffered in the RTC, a week ago today.

Will keep you all updated as soon as there is any change in either Eric's or Zac's condition.


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