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New, 5 year old son still in coma nearly 3 months after freak accident



I'm new, my name is Andy and a single dad of 3 sons. Identical twins aged 7 and a singleton aged 5.

In 3 day time, it will be 3 months since my youngest son Zac suffered brain injuries in a freak accident at a swimming pool and is still in a coma on a children's ward.

From what I remember Zac was walking into the swimming pool area from the changing rooms and slipped head first onto the floor in front of me and his identical twin brothers.

Zac suffered two separate bleeds on the brain 5 days apart from each other, both needing emergency surgery and he spent a month in intensive care before being move to the children's ward.

My identical twin sons understand that their brother is in a deep sleep from hurting his head and can't wake up but will do when he is ready to, they are allowed to visit their brother. I allowed them to do this when Zac was moved to the children's ward.

I also have a supportive group of friends and a girlfriend who have been taking it in turns to visit Zac in hospital when I can't due to the hours I work.

Have already spoken to headway who have sent me the relevant information, that I have already read.

Will update you as soon as they is any change in Zac's condition.


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Oh Andy

I feel for you.

Trying to stay positive must be difficult for you.

Please keep visiting when you can and talk to him about all of the everyday things and his past.

It is great that you allow your other boys to visit and talk with him.

Could you make a tape or some more modern sound recording that you could leave with him encouraging him to have sweet dreams.

Should have started with a big warm welcome.

Please feel free to chat, worry, vent whenever you need us.

Love n hugs to you and all the family.


Andy, I'm so moved by your story. It's just heart-breaking seeing your child so damaged and vulnerable. I remember when my lad, at 4yrs old, was dangerously ill ; it's the worst possible emotion.

Try to see beyond the coma to the invisible healing in Zac's little brain. Let him listen to your voice and feel your physical contact ; these things can be very reassuring and encouraging.

My cousin visited his unconscious daughter every evening for over 6 months with stories from home and favourite music whilst holding her hand. When she emerged from the coma her main recollection was the smell of his aftershave ! My niece had been critically injured and brain damaged in a head on RTA but went on to lead a good quality of life.

Please accept my sincere wishes for little Zac's safe return to you all. Cat x

Andy you are so welcome to this site... sending you and your family love and support this morning. Try and look after yourself and your family and keep strong. There are some wonderful people on this site to support you. X

Oh dear how horrid for you and I really do hope he pulls through. They are fab . If you can , if you have an animal take it in. If loved that pet so much the touch is amazing. I do believe we can hear things in a come cause I knew things that I could only from my time in a coma. When I came out of the coma the first thing I spoke about was my cats. The one I was speaking about had died but I had forgotten. If they won't allow you to take it in say you want the bed wheeled out. Make sure you tell him everyday things, someone at school did this. The Christmas play is coming and who ever is playing which part. Speak about santa a lot, I'm guessing he loved Christmas. I don't know if they have told you but they only hear or only remember things that cause emotions. For example I always like unicorns, Iwas 36 at the time. When I came out of a coma I was convinced they were real. Everyone tried to tell me that weren't but I wouldn't have it. Gosh knows what goes on the head when asleep. My unicorn wasn't actually a unicorn. It was white with white wings and a white horn. My crash was 6 years ago and I still remember every detail. Get the kids to take toys in he loved. Lift his arm so he can play, touch or feel them. I really hope that waffle on helped all the best x

Candace8 in reply to Candace8

Oh and just so you know, not that it matters but just proving what I'm saying. The real unicorn was actually a alicorn. X

Hang on in there! Life goes into a different 'parallel' dimension in these situations - do let people help you re the practical side of life and don't forget that the twins may well remember this time quite clearly whereas Zac will not. Thinking of you.

My heart goes out to you love. Everything and I mean everything crossed for a positive outcome for you


Thank you all for your very kind and understanding words including the advice/suggestions, somethings you have suggested I have not done and will certainly do within the next couple of days.

I have been told by the nurses that patients in a coma might be able to hear and it could stir the emotions.


Oh I'm so sorry to hear your news Andy, what a very difficult thing to go through with your child! I can't add anything that hasn't already been said but please remember to look after yourself as that's so important and the last thing you need is to be unwell while you want to be there with Zac! Lots of love and best wishes to you all. Thinking of you all and wishing Zac well. It is true that he will hear you so keep up the good work! xx

HI Andy, although he is my step son (born under my heart instead of in it) and is older (21) than your Zac my heart breaks for you - from one parent to another - love hugs and respect for you and yours.

Please let us know how Zac is progressing? x

So sad to hear this. He has youth on his side, it will get better.

So sorry to hear . Much love and prayers for you all. Keep us updated .

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