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Good news about my husband

Hi all

It has been a month today since my husband Steven suffered brain injuries in a hit and run and he's finally starting to improve.

Only yesterday doctors managed to wean him of the life support machine because a week ago today he started to breath by himself and this afternoon today I was with Steven at his bedside in the ICU when I felt him squeeze my hand, when I mentioned our baby son Andrew. I then saw him open his eyes for the first time since the accident.

Since opening his eyes this afternoon, Steven hasn't said anything yet to anyone, including me.

I'm so pleased/glad he's starting to get better.


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Am pleased to hear of the good progress that Steven is making. He will still sleep much of the time and he will be confused and unable to make sense of what is happening. Be patient and take each day at a time and I am sure he will gradually make more progress. Unfortunately coming out of a coma is not how it tends to be portrayed on the tv when people come out of the coma and straight away know where they are and can hold a conversation!


Oh Sammy

I am so glad that he is making slow progress.

I was in a coma for a long time, many years ago.

Just knowing you are there will make a big difference to him. I could hear quite a bit but found it too much effort to respond at first when I started to come round. It was a comfort just listening to a bit of chat, made me feel safe.

Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that things start to move forward for you both now.

TN x


Great news Samantha. Keep doing what you're doing m'dear ; the sound of a loved one is so reassuring to someone in a confused state and, albeit slowly, Steven will be trying to make his way back to you.

I look forward to hearing news of further progress & in the meantime I hope you and baby Andrew are well.

All good wishes, Cat x


That's great to hear :-) it's a good sign he's making recovery, although it will be a long process - it may take a while to speak, I had to use a letter chart to spell out words for a while once I started to come round after about 6 weeks. Glad you are on here, and all the best to your husbands recovery - as well as yours, as you'll well understand by now it affects the whole family. Thinking of you xx


Great news. Yes. It is a lengthy process. And it will be hard, and you will both need every ounce of strength you have and more. But given time and patience, things will get bette. Make sure you look after yourself too. Take all the help you're offered. And above all, get a good lawyer!


Wonderful stuff! Keep doing what you're doing and he will get there in time.

Time, that's all he needs, that's all you need too. My fingers and legs are crossed for you


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Oh great news! You are doing an amazing job, especially with a new baby too! Best wishes to you all! xx


Lovely comments above! I would only add my impression that when someone is recovering from a brain injury it is as if the subconscious brain/mind takes over the show - and the conscious brain is suppressed for quite a while... Memory isn't recording, sleep is the priority and emotions are often almost entirely absent. The subconscious brain is doing an almighty complex task and needs every assistance and cooperation to get on with it! The medics are really onlookers and their main job is to treat hypoxia and prevent dehydration. Hence the timetables of everyday life are suspended/irrelevant and the best course of action is to 'go with the flow' - for those round the bed as well as the patient!

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