5 year old son out of coma


Have more brilliant news for you all because my youngest son Zac has at last woken up from his coma this afternoon, that has lasted 4 months and 6 days today, whilst my identical twin son Jamie, was sat talking to him. I am pleased/over the moon about this.

I was walking onto the children's ward to visit both Zac and Jamie, when I saw a doctor and a nurse at Zac's bed and Jamie was also sat next to Zac's bed, smiling at me and he said "Hi dad, I was sitting and talking to him, when he opened his eyes" Then the doctor and nurse approach me and both said " Good news, your son has just regained consciousness 10 minutes ago".

Zac has not said anything since waking up from his coma this afternoon.

Will keep you all updated as soon as there is any more changes in either Jamie's, Zac's or Eric's condition.


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  • Fantastic news. Blessings and strength to you all. The last few months must have been hellish for you and I hope you can have a more hopeful Christmas and optimistic new year now. Good luck and hugs to you

  • Thanks

    It certainly has been hell


  • You seem to be taking the news very well, anyone who's dealt with someone who's had a brain injury knows it's a very long arduous feat. Four months is a very long time to be in a coma and is a sign of a very severe brain injury. The doctors comments seem unprofessional and bizarre.

  • Just the BEST news Mark ! I'm so pleased for you ; all of you !

    Keep the good new coming...................... xx

  • Wonderful news, happy Christmas indeed!

  • Andy that's wonderful!

    Got to be the best Christmas present you've ever had.

    Hoping for more good news over the holidays about Eric, Zac and Jamie.

    Love n big hugs to you all.


  • Wonderful news

  • Brilliant news :-) I can't imagine how tough it must be.

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