Andy's identical twin son, 8 yrs old in a serious condition after RTA


My name is Laura, a very close and supportive friend of Andy's.

He is too upset to tell you what happen yesterday morning to both his identical twin sons Jamie & Jack (only turned 8 yrs old, three weeks ago tomorrow), whilst I was taking them school and has asked me to tell you all on his behalf.

We were crossing the road outside the school when a car came out of nowhere on the wrong side of the road & knocked down both Andy's identical twin sons & me. We had the right to cross when the accident happen.

Jack & me escaped with minor injuries, but Jamie suffered serious injuries, which are a fractured skull, two fractures to his left arm & leg & one fracture to both his left wrist & ankle. He is still in hospital in a serious condition in a semi conscious state, on the same children's ward as his younger brother Zac, in the next bed.

My fiance told me that when the two police officers told Andy what had happen on the shop floor, where he's the store manager (my fiance's manager), with him present, he screamed " Oh no, not again" & started to cry.

Andy has told me that he doesn't blame me for what happen yesterday morning & also that he has had enough of all this bad luck happening to his family at the moment. I'm still in shock myself with what happen yesterday morning, as well.

Andy or myself will keep you all updated, when they're any changes in Jamie's, Zac's or Eric's condition.

Laura, Andy's very close & supportive friend

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  • Laura

    I really can't imagine how tough things are at the moment.

    Please tell Andy we are thinking of him and the family.

    I'm sure many of us will be saying prayers or sending all the healing wishes we can.

    if Andy agrees you could ring Headway on his behalf .

    Please give him all my love and hugs.

    Thank you for being such a good friend.

    Love n hugs


  • Oh how can so much happen to the same people? Please pass on all our good wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery for them all and for the strength for Andy to cope with all this.


  • Laura, this is truly shocking news & almost too dreadful to comprehend. My thoughts will be with Mark and the recovery of Jamie, Zac and Eric.

    Please pass on my heartfelt sympathies for all the added sadness and anxiety Mark must be going through, and my hope upon hope for a massive turnaround in his fortunes and those of his beloved family members. Cat xx

  • Please do keep us updated when possible won't you Laura ; this has become such a cause for concern just as there seemed to be glimmers of hope.

    You will be feeling very shaken too my dear ; so sorry ............


  • Oh gosh what a diabolically terrible thing to happen additional to what is happening to Andy's other son and brother. How can so much happen to one family! My thoughts are with you all x

  • Has anyone noticed this post is from a "friend - "Anonymous, - Laura" talking about Andy's " twin sons Jamie and Jack?

    Which ANDY. I ask? We generally use pseudonyms.

    Whilst I appreciate members on Headway's concerns - is this a genuine post or Not from Laura?

    There's too much info on this and other HU Forums, it's very easy to pick up on names of members and what they write. I am wary of "new, sudden members" on which ever Forum - who start writing things that resonate about either me or other members! It been quite prevalent on the Thyroid UK forum over last 18 months or so.

    If the Info is genuine then of course I also am thinking of all. Shirley

  • Shirley if you click on Andy's user name 'Annoyed dad' and read through his previous posts you will read of a dreadful succession of awful things that have happened to his children and brother.

  • Hi Shirley

    I do understand your concerns, but this was a GENUINE/TRUTHFUL post done by my very close and supportive friend Laura yesterday, who kindly did this post on my behalf because I was too upset by what had happen to her and both of MY identical twin sons called JACK and JAMIE, aged 8, as well 2 days ago. I did log in for her.

    My other posts are also GENUINE/TRUTHFUL done by me personally, as well.


  • Andy you most definitely have a wonderful, close and very supportive friend. Laura you are being an amazing friend and what Andy needs at this diabolically difficult time. Emotions will be all over the place for each of you but hang in there together.

    My thoughts and best wishes are with you all x

  • Hi Andy, I'm releived o read that the Laura post was genuine and of course I don't doubt any of the regulars on here in their posts. I'm just so sorry to read of the accident and it's repercussions for all of you.

    It's just how originalLaura post presented on my tablet when i first turned on a few days ago to come back to HU, gave me cause for concern and no offence was intended. I hope the boys and all concerned are on course for making a good and speedy recovery. Shirley x

  • It's shocking how so much can happen to one family!!!

  • I second what Caroline (Strawberry Cream) has said. All best wishes, Cat xx

  • Thanks Cat and Caroline, Strawberry Cream, will show Laura what you have both put later, when I meet up with her at the hospital, after work.

    Eric and Zac are still in a coma and Eric was moved to a general ward a week ago today. Jamie is managing to stay awake for longer, but is still in a semi conscious state.

    Will keep you all updated as soon as there is any more changes in either Jamie's, Zac's or Eric's condition.

    On lunchbreak at work at the moment, so I thought I will reply with an update.


  • Thank you Mark ; our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. Cat xx

  • My thoughts and Prayers are with you Andy. Xx

  • I can't even start to comprehend how you must be feeling with all that has happened, it's unbelievable! Will be thinking of you and your loved ones and wishing for the best possible outcome for all! You deserve a medal for keeping coping and well done to Laura too, so glad you have a dedicated friend to help you through! Best wishes! xx

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