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...and its good positive news from me as well :-)


having spent the last 15 months frustrated at the lack of support from family, friends and medical system, many of you know that thanks to a new doctor found who would listen to me, I've been seeing some specialists, and having extra tests done, including another brain scan, and culminating in a visit to the Haematologist last Wednesday.

thanks to two working days notice via mobile text message, yesterday I spent 8 hours at hospital and after blood pressure and temperature checks, then had a full body organ scan, (wco taken from sternum, graphie), bone marrow biopsy, massive lot of blood testing, visit and long chat with a nutritionist, who has given me a raft of papers on dietary advice and suggested a 7 day menu - she wants me to eat 5 times a day, small quantities of various types of meals which will include protein, vitamin s and minerals. I hadn't eaten since before midnight Sunday and was given a tray of food to my choice from menu and in small quantities. A lot of time was spent hanging around inbetween these tests and finally had to have a 2nd large blood sample taken at because doc wasn't happy with results given from 1st in morning.

Finally I was told that when all test results were in and scans look at, that all the specialists involved in my healthcare will have a joint meeting to discuss all elements, my doctor gave a comprehensive report to each and everyone of all that has happened in last 15mths, and a jointly agreed aftercare plan will be sent to my doctor to discuss with me and implement.

Now that's what I call a result which should help me dealing with and improving on, some if not all, of after-effects of BI and my blood disorder.


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Great news good to hear!

SAMBS in reply to RogerCMerriman


Wow, you lucky B....... :-) Never come across anyone getting that much attention all in one go !

Hopefully they will come up with a good plan for you to move forward

SAMBS in reply to sospan

sorry sospan thought I'd replied to this earlier. Yes all I need is to know they are taking it all into account with BI, I know there are no miracle cures or remedies, but its amazing what peace of mind it gives to know someone here has listened and taken action at last, because Its not easy living alone and physically isolated in a foreign country with a BI - when I had my car written off as well.

You guys have all been amazing at giving the moral/emotional support I needed and I'm only happy to keep supporting and caring for those that are on their own journey now, as well as the ones to come with journeys ahead of them.

Goodness me! That sounds like a very comprehensive MOT. If only the docs here could do that at ten to fifteen year intervals. It might save them a lot of time and money in the longer run.

SAMBS in reply to Danslatete

WASN'T IT JUST! Aren't our lives filled with 'if only's now?

Bloody hell, that MOT sounds utterly exhausting, but worth it in the end!


Absolutely spot on service.


Aww this is amazing news. Onwards and upwards for you now hopefully. Keep us all posted as to how you are getting on. Best wishes Jo xxx

SAMBS in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jo. Better watch my balance if I keep going up at this rate lol - :-)

Yaaay. Finally not another BI sob story. Great to hear Shirley! Please let us know what comes of it all.

SAMBS in reply to Negeen

thanks Negeen, will do, wish you a good outcome as well, enjoy your course.

B_S_A in reply to Negeen

I love this :D

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