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5 year old daughter in coma after hit and run



Writing this post from hospital.

I'm still in shock about my eldest daughters Rose's aged 5 accident two days ago that has left her in a coma in HDU.

My daughter Rose suffered a fractured skull, small bleed on the brain-hasn't need surgery and a fractured left leg, her GCS score is a 8.

I sometimes don't know what to say to her because I keep running out of things to tell/say to her but the nurses have told me if I don't know what to say to her just stroke/rub or hold her hand-which I have been doing as well.

She was on her way to nursery with her brother aged 3 and a close family friend-my kids god/adoptive mum-real mum/my wife passed away/died last year whilst I was still in my coma, she was knocked down by some stupid idot driving on the wrong side of the road speeding whilst talking on they mobile phone and they didn't even stop to see if my daughter Rose was alright.

When I found this out through the police it made my blood boil and I was also fuming at the driver responsible. The police still haven't caught the driver responsible even though they was eyewitnesses.

I didn't go with them to the nursery because I wasn't feeling very well.

Will do my best to keep you all updated.


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Hi Ben, read her favourite stories to her, my datghter just picked up a random book from the waiting room and started reading that to me, I remember hearing her voice, it does help.

Be strong for her and be there for her. This is going to be so hard for you, just hang on in there.

Come back for support whenever you need to.

Janet xx

Oh My Goodness, you must be at your wits end!! Hope they catch that awful person!! Like Janet said read to her, play her music. My daughter is also 5 and she likes Sofia the first. You could put her favourite tv programme on your phone/iPad and she could listen to that. Just keep talking to her. Wishing her a speedy recovery. X

Thankyou both for for the advice. Will give it a go.


Oh gosh Ben what an incredibly shocking and highly distressing accident to happen to your precious daughter Rose. I am thinking that because you were ill and not able to go with them to nursery that day that your mind is filled with the 'what if's'?! No one will ever know, if you were with them, whether the outcome would have been any different so do try and not torture yourself with those thoughts as Rose really needs you. As does your son. Caring for your son and needing to be by your daughters side as much as possible must be very hard for you to manage right now as even for your two children you must feel like you need to be split in two to be in different places at the same time. Janet's suggestion of taking in books to read to Rose is what I would suggest as well. It is very difficult to keep up a one sided conversation for very long. I am wondering if this situation is also putting you into financial difficulties as well as you currently will be unable to go to work? Have I understood your post correctly - that your wife died last year from being knocked down by a vehicle as well?! That is terrible that it has now happened to your child too! Do you mind me asking why you were in a coma? Were you also in the same accident as your wife? How can so much happen to one family!!

Hello StrawberryCream

I don't mind you asking why I was in a coma and how my wife Kaylee died.

The reason why I was in a 13 week coma is from what I've been told because I don't remember is that I was in a car crash that was caused by kids throwing bricks from a motorway bridge on the 14th September last year. The kids responsible were caught and punished because the whole accident was caught on CCTV. i suffered severe brain injuries and nearly died because of idots that should've known better not to do something so stupid!

My wife Kaylee from what I've been told tragedy died on 21st October last year when she was on her way back from work when she fell down a full set of concrete stairs and later died the same day in hospital from her injuries.

i'm having some financial difficulties because I'm unable to work due to my severe brain injuries but I've family and friends who are very understanding by helping me out.

I've also had enough of how much bad luck my family has had in the last year!

Thankyou for the advice as well. Will give it ago.

Will keep you updated.


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