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Close Friend's 20 yr old Daughter (also close friend as well) in coma after Hit & Run-RTC



This morning I got a phone call from a close friend called Gareth, who was really upset because his 20 year old daughter Annie had been knocked down in a hit & run at about 1 am this morning, after a night out with her mates. He found out that this had happen when he answered the door to 2 police officers at 2 am this morning.

She suffered massive brain injuries-bleeding inside & outside the brain & swelling of the brain, 2 fractures to her skull & spinal injuries-2 fractures to her neck & lower back, these injuries needed emergency surgery.

She's now in ICU in a coma as a result of her brain injuries & on life support. Doctors have told Gareth that if she lives/survives she might be brain damaged & paralyzed from either the neck or waist down.

Gareth has sent me pictures of her hospital bed in the ICU this afternoon to my mobile, she looks a real mess, with all the tubes & wires sticking out of her, bandage around her head & neck hard collar on. She isn't the Annie I know & I nearly vomited from the shock of seeing the pictures of her in ICU.

The sad things are that she has a 6 month old daughter called Linda & her dad Gareth can't walk because of leg injuries suffered in freak entrapment accident at work 10 yrs ago this year in December. Annie is/was Gareth's main career.

I am going to the hospital to see Annie tomorrow, using the train.

Laura, Gareth's, Annie's & Linda's close friend

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What a truly sad situation. Please ring Headway tomorrow morning and talk to them. They will be able to make suggestions as to how to help both your friend and his daughter when she comes out of her coma.

Our thoughts are with you all.

I'm so sorry you're all having to battle such a tragedy. Just take each hour at a time; it's all you can do with injuries of this kind. You sound like a lovely friend to them both and I'm sure they'll need you more than ever right now. Just remember to look after yourself too.

Take care. Sending healing thoughts to each of you.



Morning Kerr, My prayers are with you and your friend at this time, what a sad event. God Bless. Nick Xx

Yes ring headway and when you visit her be very postaive and talk to her,she will be able to hear you.Blessed be

It's saddening to hear of another life devastated by a moment's neglect.

It'll be hard seeing Annie so damaged, and with all the support paraphernalia in place, but bear in mind how the doctors & surgeons will be doing everything within their power to keep her safe.

But please try to hide your emotions when you're with her and talk to her as you would if she were awake.

Please keep us updated won't you Kerr, though I imagine it will be quite some time before there are any changes in Alice's condition.

Sincere best wishes to you and all the family. Such an awful time for you all. Cat xx

Laura (I hope I got the right name for you)

As had been said please ring Headway.

While you are talking to Annie try to be as upbeat as possible.

Who is caring for the baby?

If possible you could include updates about the baby in your talks.

As a very close friend you might want to try to keep a diary of activities and if there is any change when you visit Annie.

Just to let you know we are here any time you want to vent.

It is really good that Annie has such a good friend and you can point her in our direction when she is ready.

Thinking of you all.

Love n hugs


Oh so sorry to hear this. Do your best to stay strong for the others and def talk to Annie when you visit. How very sad that life can change in a split second. Best wishes to all concerned! May you have the strength to pull together at this time and be there for one another. xx

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