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Close friends wife in coma after suffering TBI's in Car Crash


Hi Everyone,

One of my close friends called Andy wanted me to share this with you as he's really upset by what has happen to his beautiful wife Katie, who I have met as well.

Only 4 days ago his wife was involved in a very serious car crash that has left her fighting for her life in a coma & still is, not induced.

She suffered severe brain injuries that needed emergency surgery. They have told him that if she lives there might be a change of brain damage & the heartbreaking thing is that they have identical twin sons aged 7, who I have also met as well.

I do understand what he's going though because my 14 year old daughter Amy was knocked down 2 months & 3 days ago & suffered severe brain injuries as well.

I have told Andy I will support him though this just like the other bad times we've gone though as close friends.

Amy & Andy's wife are in the same hospital.

Amy is making good progress. Amy said her first words today, which were "Hi mum", this made me cry with joy!

Laura, Amy's mum

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Oh Laura my heart goes out to you all.

Please pass our love to Andy and the twins.

Make sure he gets in touch with Headway .

I am so happy to hear that Amy has spoken.

Wish I could help you .

Love n big hugs


Welcome Laura, I'm sorry for the circumstances we meet.

Take great comfort from this forum and come back whenever you feel the need.

Tell Andy to hang on in there, I was in a coma for 3 weeks and not expected to survive, but here I am, it is 4 years on and there are still improvements to come.

I had to learn to walk, feed myself, generally care for myself again. I had difficulty reading, writing and dealing with technology again too but with perseverance I'm almost back to me.

The real me will always be a little different but with love, care and patience a lot can be achieved.

Just remember both of you that this is a long road with no guarantees at the end of it.

Take care Janetx


How wonderful that Amy is making progress but how sad that you cannot completely enjoy it with your friend's wife so ill. Knowing what Amy was like such a short while ago and that she is now beginning to recover should give Andy hope that his wife can make the same sort of progress. Love and the best of wishes to you all.

Hello Laura

It is great to hear that Amy is making good progress. This shows, that with time improvements can be made even though these aren't always so visible to begin with. My thoughts are also with your friend Andy and his wife too.

Never underestimate just how much your support for each other at times like this can help with the recovery and healing of those that are injured.

I hope that you too can find the support you need here and wherever you are.

Warm hugs,


Laura, what wonderful news that Amy has spoken since coming out of the coma. But what a terrible coincidence that your friend's wife has suffered a similar fate.

Trust in the medical team now. All you and her family can do is wait...................and hope. I dearly hope both she and your girl will be restored to their loved ones as time passes and the damage heals.

Please update us whenever possible. xx

Only positive thought I can offer is that I survived a two week coma, after they had cut out the left hand side of my skull. This is now titanium.

The accident occurred back in January 2014 and in my humble opinion I've recovered very well. No big deal for me, big impact for the wife & my two daughters. The recovery I have had was down to my desire to 'get back to normal', which the damaged part of your brain can never actually do. Just reconstructs itself. I'm 50 but still exercise heavily and also work out my brain for an hour everyday.

Best wishes to you and Andy.

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